Things to consider before buying a car (experienced study)

Things to consider before buying a car

Things to consider before buying a car

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Are you looking for a car and do not know where to start? Do not worry, it’s normal. In our database, we have listings of more models, cheap, expensive, large and small, sports, modest. For each category, there are, dozens of alternatives, and even in the same brand. We will add in the future. It is easy to find three or four cars that could well fit your budget and meet your needs. But the problem is that you can only choose one, what will be your smart purchase? Note down the things to consider before buying a car. You can also set these criteria to choose the fastest bike for you.

Things to consider before buying a car?

Things to consider before buying a car


Buying a car is not an easy process. Go with car expert or mechanics if you have zero ideas about the car. We offer you a very simple form to facilitate your choice so that you know at first glance the alternatives that you have. In any case, this guide aims to help you in the complex process of the purchase decision.

First and foremost: the budget


To decide the purchase of any consumer product of a certain value, whether or not a car, always have to be clear about a maximum budget and try not to exceed it. We know that it is tempting to be fooled by financing, by payments in convenient terms, and to opt for a more expensive car than we initially wanted to buy. But we must bear in mind that financing usually involves other expenses (commissions) that will make the fees grow and that the effective amount we pay is much higher than that of our initial budget.

Therefore, make sure you have a maximum budget and, in the case of financing, also make sure you can face the monthly installments and the opening and closing amounts of the loan. Never establish a budget above your means.

And if your budget is not enough to find a car that meets your needs, consider the possibility of buying a second-hand car.

Be clear about your needs and make discards

needs before buying car

Never buy a car that does not cover your needs. If you travel regularly with the whole family, do not give up on a large trunk. And it is that, however idyllic it may seem today that image of the Spaniards traveling to Benidorm in the 60s with the whole family – including mother-in-law – in a Seat 600, you will regret not having bought a more spacious car when you see that You can not carry all your luggage.

I’m going to do a lot of kilometers

At least 30,000 or 40,000 kilometers a year: Smart shopping maybe a diesel. See diesel cars that spend very little. I’m going to do a few kilometers and usually in the city, less than 15,000 a year: Run away from diesel. Generally, you will not amortize it until a few years have passed and modern diesel – due to its anti-pollution systems – tend to be very prone to problems in these conditions.

I will usually use the rear seats

For example, to take the children to school: Maybe you should discard, so uncomfortable to fold seats, cars with less than four doors.

I need a large trunk

To travel with small children or with the whole family: The minivans – Citroen type C4 Picasso – are a good alternative, also economical, but not the only one. SUVs – Qashqai type – has become the most popular alternative, but generally, they are not that cheap. The four-door sedan – Mondeo type – is also spacious, but not as economical as the previous ones. Finally, there are also relatives of the ranchera type derived from compacts, very cheap and often with a bigger trunk than all the previous ones.

We are a large family

Do not hesitate, you need a seven-seater and, if possible, a large one. If you usually have to use the sixth and seventh places, look for a car that has a third row of seats suitable for continued use and also a large trunk. Not all MPVs have a loose third row of seats, for example for a child over ten years old.

Things to consider before buying a car

I do not need a big trunk, but an agile car in town

Do not let yourself be carried away by the big car maxim, walk or not walk. Currently, there are small utilities, segment A – type Twingo – and segment B – Ford Fiesta type – comfortable and equipped with technology and comfort elements similar to those of higher models.

I want to go out in the country with my car

Do not hesitate, the SUV – Qashqai and Kuga type – is your best option. Modern SUVs do not have the off-piste capability of a good off-road vehicle, but they do meet in most situations you’ll find yourself on complicated roads and tracks. If you want a very spacious trunk and an agile car on the road, maybe you should also consider a familiar “campers” – type Volkswagen Passat Alltrack.

I like speed; I want a powerful car

The offer of fun cars is extensive, from the smallest and most economical – Fiesta ST type – to the most powerful and expensive – Porsche Boxster and Cayman type. To enjoy a good sport, you will not always have to go to a premium brand, or a rear-wheel drive, or a very powerful car. There are fun and very economical options, not to mention the second-hand market. Also, do not forget that the most expensive and powerful sports cars also tend to carry a high cost of maintenance and refueling.

buying car

I do not like to run, and I always travel at legal speeds

Do not be fooled, if you do not need a powerful car, do not buy a powerful car. Up to 4.5 meters, a car around 100 HP with the turbo engine, diesel or gasoline, has enough power to go much faster than the law allows us, also to carry out safe overtaking and overtaking.

I like to enjoy the outdoors

I want a Cabrio, what cabriolet I choose? Modern convertibles have improved a lot compared to the past, with faster automatic opening and closing systems, fewer leakage problems (no leaks that allow rainwater to enter the passenger compartment) and more secure against vandalism and theft. You can choose convertibles with a canvas roof, the most classic style, or with a rigid roof, coupe style.

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