10 ways to combine your black dress

10 ways to combine your black dress. Sneakers, splashes of color, vests … anything goes with this infallible wardrobe background. How many names have been given to the black dress: essential, LBD, basic … The black dress can give a lot of play and change an outfit depending on how it is combined. It can get you out of more than a hurry for a gala dinner, but also for a meeting with friends or a weekend getaway in summer …

10 ways to combine your black dress

We give you some options that can match perfectly with your black dress. Take note and choose the one that best suits you according to the occasion and according to your wardrobe background:

Black dress with sneakers or sport sneakers

10 ways to combine your black dress

Of course, it is a very comfortable option, which marries with cowboy jackets, bikers and even with raincoats. Your dress can be long or short, cotton or ribbed, this combination is the star in summer and halftime for its versatility and its touch ‘in’.

 Black dress with oversize jersey10 ways to combine your black dress

Do you have black short-sleeved dresses or suspenders in the closet? Do not even think about saving them when making the change of season. Leave them outside and in winter you can use them with a good thick stocking or with a leotard and a fat pullover.

Black dress with plumeti stockings10 ways to combine your black dress

Do you have a formal dinner and want to wear your black dress with a lounge shoe, but do you find it a bit boring? The best thing you can do is to give a personal touch with plumeti stockings. They are very elegant at the same time that they give a sophisticated touch.

Black dress with a touch of color10 ways to combine your black dress

It is true that the black empasta well with all colors, but if there is one with which we love to combine it, that is red. Add the add-ons of this color and the result will be great. You can also opt for accessories in red and shoes in leopard, which also combines great with black. It’s up to you.

 Black dress with vest

The vest subtracts formality from the black dress and gives it that chic touch for the day. Try a green hunting vest or a crochet one. We love the result!

 Black dress with sleep dress + white cotton shirt10 ways to combine your black dress

The sleep dress can be combined in many possible ways for the day, not only is the possibility of the heel: sneakers, flat sandals … But do you want to give it the ninth touch? Add a white cotton shirt underneath and you’ll see how good it looks.

Black dress with boho style

Add to your dress in black cotton or gauze a wide-brimmed hat, round sunglasses, and country-style boots or a square-heeled, wooden booty. If you combine it with a long necklace or with a long knitted cardigan, you will have the perfect touch for a very bohemian style.

Black dress with American10 ways to combine your black dress

If you want to give an original touch to your long black dress, combine it with an oversize jacket. You will give a very chic touch.

Pichi black dress10 ways to combine your black dress

Do not keep your black dress strapless or sleeveless when winter comes. Add underneath a shirt or a basic turtleneck and reinvent it in winter as a pichi accompanied by a high boot and a coat.

Black dress with bluchers, moccasins, mosqueteras, Roman sandals …

10 ways to combine your black dress

The LBD is valid with all the shoes you can imagine. You just have to be clear about the roll you want to give your outfit. With a musketera boot, you’ll have a neat, but casual look for your day; with bluchers or moccasins you will give a more alternative touch; with Roman sandals, you’ll have a romantic touch for summer; but if you want to use sandals in winter you can also do it by combining them with black wool tights, you will get a sexy look.

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