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6 Reasons You Should Buy Wooden Puzzles for Kids

The lockdown has made it tough for people around the world. Even after the recent unlocking of most cities, many schools have kept their doors shut—one of the primary reasons is the unavailability of vaccines for kids. And the kids are suffering a lot because of limited outdoor activities. Kids who live in apartments have fewer places to go and play, and playing with the neighbourhood kids is not an option.

The frequent shutdowns of places and lack of outdoor activities have made children use gadgets even more. You don’t need any more explanations about the ill effects of mobile and social media addiction. To tackle these issues, parents can make them do certain activities that require both body movements and the use of the brain. Things as simple as wooden puzzles can help children improve their skills and enjoy time without gadgets.

There are a number of reasons you should consider purchasing a wooden puzzle for your children.

1.A learning tool

When the children handle the puzzles and try fitting them together, they make mistakes. And after many failed attempts, they learn to fix them. This is the best way to make mistakes and learn from them. The children will learn about different shapes and other things the puzzle game introduces them to.

2.Helpful to learn a new language or master their mother tongue

The puzzles come in many varieties, including photos, words, structures, etc. When kids play with these puzzles, they are compelled to talk to other kids or adults to clear doubts and ask for help. This way, they talk a lot and learn new words and expressions.

3.Learn basic math concepts

When the kids organize different parts in different numbers, they will count and categorize them into groups. This is the best way to learn to count and classify things based on similarities and dissimilarities.

4.Coordination of eyes and hands

Just like learning cycling or driving, the only way to improve coordination is to do it again and again. The puzzles are a great way to train the eyes and hands to work in tandem, and when these happen a lot, the motor ability of kids will improve a lot.

5.Social skills

When the kids are playing together, they need to discuss the game to solve it, and this helps them improve their social skills by interacting with other kids. The more interaction happens during the game, the better their social skills will become.


These wooden puzzles take a lot of time and concentration to solve, especially if one is unfamiliar with them. This will make the kids sit for an extended period of time and try to find the solution. It helps them develop perseverance and patience over time.

The lockdown across the country has taken a toll on adults and kids alike, and there must be an activity the children would rather be doing than staring at the screens.

The puzzles are a great way to distract them from the T.V and tablets. It can be a total detox from digital media. There’s no other easy and simple way to relax and enjoy a game. Not just kids, but parents too can join in and play to strengthen family bonds in these trying situations.

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