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6 Acro yoga poses for beginners

Traditional yoga has been adapted with some very visual variations. In this way, we arrive at acro yoga, an exercise routine that serves to relax the body and mind. What types of exercises does it include? We share 6 Acro yoga poses for beginners.

Acroyoga is a discipline that combines traditional yoga with acrobatics. Acroyoga positions are done in pairs or in groups. This type of physical exercise is recommended to relax mind and body, take care of the silhouette and stay active.

When practiced two by two, the acro yoga favors communication and trust, since each member must notify the other when they feel pain or discomfort when performing the postures.

It is good to practice this discipline with the spouse, the couple, a family member or a friend. Not only is health strengthened, but also the body becomes flexible and relationships improve.

Acroyoga positions for beginners are simple. They are practiced between two people, one called ‘base’ and the other, ‘flying’. The base stays on the ground and helps the flyer to perform the stunts; Therefore, it is important that there is trust between the two participants.

Of course, when starting this type of exercise, it is necessary that an observer is also present, who takes care that each posture is performed well. Before starting, certain aspects must be taken into account for both to enjoy:

  • Do the poses gently
  • Notify the couple if they feel pain or if they are going to increase the weight on them.
  • Warm-up the muscles before performing the postures.
  • Stretch the body after.

The 6 Acro yoga poses for beginners

To begin, the following are six acro yoga positions for beginners that will be of great help:

1. Posture to bend the torsoAcro yoga poses for beginners

This posture helps stretch the back muscles. The couple should sit back to back, intertwining elbows. The base opens the stretched legs and, carefully, pushes the flyer, so that it leans forward while keeping the spine straight.

2. Frontal bird poseAcro yoga poses for beginners

The base is placed lying on your back, with your arms extended to the sides of the body and palms up and slightly flexing your knees. The flyer is placed at the base of the feet, resting the hips on the soles of the feet. It drives forward.

Both hold their hands and the base stretches the legs at an angle of 90º, thus raising the flyer upwards. This posture helps to maintain balance; it should remain for a few seconds until the base slowly lowers the legs and deposits the flyer on the ground.

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3. Throne posture

The base lies on the floor. The flyer stops, placing the feet on top of each base shoulder. The base takes the ankles of your partner with your hands and brings the feet towards the buttocks of the flyer.

Subsequently, the flyer sits on the soles of his partner’s feet, which slowly takes the soles of the flyer’s feet. First one, then the other.

Finally, the base stretches the arms up and the flyer keeps the spine straight. To lower, the base flexes the knees slightly and returns to take the ankles of his partner to deposit it on the floor.

Other variations

4. Foot-to-shin postureAcro yoga poses for beginners

Continuing with the throne posture, the base deposits its partner on its flexed legs. The flyer slowly stands up, stretching slowly. Then, the base places the legs parallel to the floor.

5. Arch posture backAcro yoga poses for beginners

The base lies on the ground; The flyer is placed with his back. The base supports the feet on the back of his partner and lifts it, forming a 90º arch with his legs. The flyer grabs the ankles of his partner and, when stable, takes his own ankles. To lower, grab the ankles of the base, who slowly returns to the starting position.

6. Whale posture that flies highAcro yoga poses for beginners

The flyer is placed on his back, with his feet on each side of the neck of the base, which is lying on his back. This takes the ankles of his partner while placing the feet on the back of the flyer and drives it forward. The flyer stretches the entire body, with arms extended; the base stretches the legs at a right angle and raises the arms, also raising the legs of your partner.

With these acro yoga positions in mind, exercise is enjoyed to the fullest. It’s like a movement game that has fun and eliminates all the stress accumulated during the day. It is worth learning to practice it!

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