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Brighten Up Your Home and Garden with Low-cost Christmas Decorations

When you are on a limited budget, it can be challenging to decorate your home for Christmas.   However, with a bit of ingenuity and creativity, you can find inexpensive Christmas trees and Christmas decorations to brighten up your home and get a bigger bang from your holiday bucks.  You can use the ideas from Unreal Christmas Trees staff below to create a festive environment in your home, without busting your budget:


Decorate With Ornaments

Use Christmas ball ornaments you already have or purchase a few boxes at your local thrift or dollar store.  Use them to fill vases or bowls or for instant holiday charm, hang the ornaments from a chandelier.   The ornaments can also be hung from tinsel and wrapped around the railings of the staircase.

Candle Décor

Candles are ideal for adding a touch of sophistication and romance to your holiday décor.  In addition, they are quite inexpensive and are available in just about any size and color that can be conjured up by your imagination.  Add fresh cranberries and greenery to a mason jar or fishbowl, use water to cover the contents and put a tea light candle to float on top.  You can also create a festive look by using pine sprig to serve as a contrasting background to red floating candles.

Mirrors have the capacity to make small Christmas decorations appear bigger.  This provides added decorating pizazz for little or no added expense.  Mirrors are particularly effective when they are artfully paired with candles to make gorgeous centerpieces.

Family Photo Display

Sharing precious family memories is a huge part of Christmas celebrations; therefore, you can use matte black and white picture from past Christmas gatherings on green and red patterned Christmas paper.  These can then be placed in inexpensive silver frames to create a personalized and festive display.

Use Food to Decorate

These ideas include sticking some candy canes on your Christmas tree, stringing a popcorn garland and creating a centerpiece from pinecones and apples.   A wonderful activity that is fun for the entire family involves making ornaments out of edible gingerbread cookie.  Additionally, apothecary jars or bowls bursting with holiday-colored jellybeans provide a festive look when placed strategically around the house.  Other ideas include:

  • Peppermint Ornaments

Get some cookie cutters and put red or green (or both) peppermints inside them, place them in the oven and bake until melted.  You will get lovely peppermint ornaments that can be hung on the tree and other place around your home.  Additionally, peppermints can be hot glued around the outside of a white or red candle.

  • Gumdrop Tree

For a festive tree, cover an inexpensive cardboard or Styrofoam cone with gumdrops.  There is also an option to create the perfect “kissing ball” by using gumdrops to cover a Styrofoam ball, adding a ribbon and hanging it from an entryway.

  • Orange and Clove Centerpiece

You can create a stunning and delightfully scented centerpiece by placing clove studded oranges in a basket or on a serving tray.  For amplified elegance, you can include bits of fresh greenery, cinnamon sticks, acorns, cranberries and other accents.

Christmas Light Display

Put a low-priced string or two of white or colored lights loosely into a large basket or metal bucket. Fill the container with berries, ornaments, pinecones, and greenery.  Plug in for a spectacular display that will look perfect in your entryway or on your hearth.

Holiday-themed Bedsheets

Buy holiday-themed or red bedsheets on clearance or use ones you already own to make tablecloths or tree skirts.  Newspaper can be used to stuff the pillowcases and a ribbon used to tie them at the top.  Place them in corners to mimic smaller versions of Santa’s sacks.


Decorate Garden Trellis and Entryway Columns

The garden trellis and entryway columns can be wrapped in fairy lights to make them shine brightly at night.  They can also be tastefully adorned with lighted decorative Christmas Garland to provide these areas with all the holiday flair they need.

Get the Mailbox Involved

With just a few personal touches, an unassuming mailbox can be provided with a boost to become a source to spread festivity.  It can be decorated with cheerful items such as garlands or plaid scarves.  There are also holiday-themed mailbox covers that can be sourced at thrift shops.

Infuse New Life Into Your Hanging Window Planters

Fill up your window planters with large Christmas balls; add greens, reds, blue, purple, gold and silver balls.  Put in some fairy lights and you will have a window that is remarkably chic and radiates holiday cheer.

Use Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Think the big man himself, Santa Clause, a reindeer pulling a sleigh or a snowman.  If your garden or yard in general is as flat as can be, you can use large inflatables as great alternatives to providing your front yard with a push in the right direction of spreading holiday cheer.

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