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How to Incorporate Vintage Furniture Into a Modern Home

Whether they’re impulse purchases, inherited pieces or well-intentioned gifts, vintage home accessories and furniture are often considered incompatible with modern decor. But incorporating a few smart design ideas can ease the transition and make your home more eclectic.

Start Small

If you’re concerned about making a bold statement with an antique piece, begin with smaller accents like accent chairs and mirrors. By attracting less attention, these items help bridge the gap between your modern and vintage furniture. For information on incorporating a Vintage Style Sofa, try visiting a site such as https://vintagesofawarehouse.co.uk/collections/brand-new-individually-designed-range-new-vintage-style-sofa-range

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Once you’ve mastered this technique, try larger pieces like cabinets and tables. The beauty of these larger items is that they can be refinished to match your existing style, or they can serve as the starting point for a complete remodel.

Know Your Sources

The best way to find authentic vintage furnishings is by visiting flea markets, estate sales and antique stores regularly. Develop a relationship with sellers so that they can alert you to new items. As you browse, pay attention to the craftsmanship and materials used in an item’s construction. Antiques typically use solid wood construction and natural fibres that hold up better over time.

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Play With Size

Adding vintage proportions to a modern space can make it feel more spacious. For example, an oversized English oak writing desk or plush mid-century saucer-shaped sofa can add visual height to a diminutive living room.

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