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Tips To Decorate Your Home With Mountain Wall Art

Have you owned a new home? Or, are you planning to update the interior of your old house? If yes, then hanging wall art in rooms is one of the best ways to update the decor. And, if you are a nature lover and love hiking, then what’s the better way to add your interset on walls than mountain wall art.

Mountain-inspired wall prints will not only look great but also increase the beauty of your rooms. You will feel refreshed and energetic all day looking at the beautiful nature-inspired prints of mountains.

Take a look at these decorating tips:

Go for Large-Scale Mountain Art


A large-scale mountain wall art is the best option to cover the large blank wall in your room. This will not only update your space but also act as a centerpiece in the room. The living area is best to hang oversized wall prints of beautiful lush green mountains. You can either go for framed or frameless mountain wall arts to decorate your area.

Create a Gallery Wall with Prints

Nothing adds personality and texture to a home other than a gallery wall. You can create a beautiful yet attractive gallery wall with different sizes and styles of mountain prints. For example, you can mix and match the colored farmers with black and white prints.

Also, add your travel photos to mountains in different sizes to create a unique cluster on the wall. This is in trend these days and can make your home look trendy in no time. Pro tip: Create an illusion of a larger space by extending the gallery wall to the ceiling.

Add Patterns



From the design of floor to wall art in your living room, the patterns you choose can make or break your decor. So, choose unique patterns like mountain canvas wall arts that not only matches but also complement other things in the room.

You can go for a print of mountains covered in snow or can choose a wall of lush green mountains. A general rule with patterns is that rooms intended for peace, like your bedroom, should not be heavily patterned.

Go Green with Wall Art

Mountain wall art is not only about mountains or rocks but is also about bringing greenery indoors. Green elements create an organic atmosphere around you and make the space feel more happening.

Of course, you can get potted plants for your rooms, but can also add greenery in form of mountain wall art. It looks great on any wall and can liven up the space in no time.

Framed Wallpaper

You can fill the wall area with framed wallpaper. There are many wallpapers available in the market with mountain prints that you can get framed and use as a decor piece. Framed mountain wallpaper designs give a room a tropical and add a character without covering a whole room wall. This is a good solution for your kid’s room and bedroom as well.

Things to Consider When Selecting Wall Art

Style: Selecting a mountain wall art based on the design of your interior is very important. Whether it’s contemporary, modern, Scandinavian, or industrial, choose the shades and frame of wall art accordingly.

Design elements: Think about the textures and patterns when you are buying wall art for rooms. Also, do not forget to consider the size of the wall where you want to hang the print.

Material: Always buy a mountain wall art that is made of premium quality material and paint. You can go for canvas prints or can choose hard wooden frames.

Enjoy the beauty of mountains at home with mountain-inspired wall art!


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