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What to do if your Plug Socket Doesn’t Work?

When you want to plug something in, whether you are charging your phone or drying your hair, you expect to switch the plug on, and it works. However, if you plug in your appliance and you get no response, what should you do?

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The first thing to check here is whether it is the plug socket that is causing the problem or the appliance itself. Check another socket that is working and plug it into there to see if you can get it to work. If it does, then you have a problem with the plug socket itself.

If the plug socket has always worked ok, then it may be that a connection has become loose inside the socket. Before you do anything else, check the circuit breakers, and have a look to see if any of them have tripped. If this has happened it will likely be because something was unsafe – modern circuit breakers are designed to prevent an accident with electrics.

If you live in an older property, it may be that the wiring was done a long time ago. Safety standards have changed and also the age of the wiring may simply mean that it is starting to wear out now.

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When you have an issue in your home with electrics like this, you should get a professional like this electrician Cheltenham based company dpalmerelectrical.co.uk/electrician-near-me/electrician-cheltenham/ to come and take a look for you. Trying to deal with electrics yourself can be dangerous, and a faulty plug could be a symptom of another big problem.

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