Advantages of a Marquee For Your Wedding Reception

Choosing a marquee for your wedding reception is an excellent way to make your big day truly special and unique. Marquees offer a blank canvas on which you can create the wedding of your dreams and if you hire one for a private location, it will also provide you with complete flexibility to add everything from additional seating to a dance floor.

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You can keep the sides of a marquee down to allow guests full views of the surrounding scenery or you can opt for clear walls that offer protection from rain, wind and sun. If you are marrying in a beautiful location, a marquee can let you embrace the surroundings and create a stunning backdrop for photos. For information on Marquee Hire Hereford, visit Good Intents.

Marquee Hire Hereford can be used to accommodate all sizes of guest lists. This can be a great advantage for some couples who have a large family or group of friends that they wish to invite, but are limited by capacity requirements at venues.

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Marquee weddings can also be more flexible with timings, allowing you to avoid pesky curfews and carry on the celebrations well into the night (assuming the neighbours are happy to put up with the noise!). If you’re planning on hiring a bar for your marquee, there are plenty of companies working regularly with marquee events that can bring their experience and knowledge to help create the perfect bar menu. You can also choose to add a stage and dance floor so your guests can really get the party started.

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