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Chic country kitchen: the decrypted style

Whether you live in an apartment in the city center or in a cozy cocoon in the middle of the fields, the chic country kitchen is an ideal compromise to initiate a friendly and relaxed atmosphere at home. The rural spirit is not reserved for secondary residences and it is up to us to transpose the raw wood, the washed linen, the objects of recovery, the old-fashioned stones – in short, all that makes the charm of the countryside – in our kitchen. 8-point style exercise.

Attracted by the outdoors, many of us dream of an interior as in the countryside where to take refuge once the day is over. Inspired by the currents Kinfolk and Wabi Sabi who advocate a return to nature, sharing, the essential, the kitchen takes (again) airs of yesteryear. Slower, it turns away from shiny materials like lacquer to find the natural wood or the aged effect of oxidized metal. And with its soft shades of beige, chalk, white, smoky blue or gray, it seduces above all by its simplicity. For all the style of the country, the chic kitchen is not just a few immaculate walls and a piece of wood furniture. It is important to introduce old elements, but also to spice up the whole with a more contemporary note that will put the kitchen in the era of time.

The Chic country kitchen style

1. Neutral colors for a chic country kitchen

Chic country kitchen

The country style kitchen does not support the garish colors. Resolutely turned towards nature, she is satisfied with a mineral palette and sober, based on white, beige, gray more or less dark – in an anthracite version it brings a maximum of character to the room – and bright blue. These are the slightly pigmented shades that allow the kitchen to go through the years without becoming obsolete. The total white look is, however, to be avoided; too impersonal, it does not stick with the very embodied image of a country kitchen.

2. The table, the centerpiece of country cooking

the centerpiece of country cooking

Impossible to elaborate a purely rural kitchen without an XXL wooden table in the center of the room. For if there is one characteristic of this type of cuisine, it is to be able to eat at the very place where the feast is prepared. Models raw wood, with irregularities, stains, ribs, are preferred because they evoke memories, like meals shared with family or friends on a summer evening. During the day, the table serves as an additional work plan for peeling the vegetables and removing the freshly baked pies. When it’s time to eat, just put on a tablecloth, a simple cloth table runner to dress it up.

3. Furniture spirit “family home”

The chic country kitchen and home-style family have in common a pronounced taste for the wooden furniture that has lived. Patinated sideboard, craft furniture, and antique dresser – as many rooms as are found in a house of style – easily find their place in a country kitchen. Do not hesitate to poke around Grandma’s attic to get a credenza; and so much the better if it is not perfect, if its original color is passed, that it has some traces of blows since one seeks especially furniture with a supplement of soul. Thus, we prefer to age a new piece of furniture to slip into the country kitchen. Simply sand with an abrasive such as sandpaper or use a specific paint to skate.

Nothing like a metallic touch to perfect the silhouette of the kitchen. Rightly, we believe that the rustic spirit comes down to the old wood or the metal and iron have a role to play in this kind of atmosphere. They infuse an industrial note that modernizes the classic lines of the kitchen. Imagine a DIY workbench – found in a factory, a farm – or a block of butcher metalized as a central island, with its integrated drawers and its beautiful surface preparation. Again, imperfect furniture, slightly oxidized or quilted is preferable.

4. Chiner some decorative objects and accessories

What applies to the furniture also applies to small decorative objects: the vintage to the coast in the country kitchen. The opportunity to indulge in our love of China. Dame-Jeanne, iron pitcher, old-fashioned sifter, and lantern from another time are treasures that are flushed through the flea markets, sales depots, antique shops, and other online shops. Copies exist in supermarkets but they may not have the desired authenticity. Then you have to create an exhibition space to showcase this panoply of eclectic objects; a wall shelf or a showcase to put should do the trick.

5. The vegetable is invited in the kitchen

Introduce some flower fields in the kitchen allows embracing the natural spirit of the campaign. Just pick an armful of flowers in a nearby forest or invest in a fresh composition at the florist. You can sprinkle all over the kitchen of dried bouquets; more economical, they bring an outdated note inside. Also, think of herbal planters: parsley, basil, thyme, and chives season your favorite dishes and bring a natural freshness to space.

6. What coatings for authentic cuisine?

Regarding coatings, the cuisine inspired by the countryside is obviously fond of exposed stone walls and tiled floors, but not only … To bring this touch “chic” feature, we can punctuate the decor with newer materials. The waxed concrete, for example, is a great way to upgrade the kitchen with a modern and raw material, especially as it works in flooring as on the wall. The patterned wallpaper injects color into these monochromes of gray and white. Regarding the furniture, it is not a question of choosing a total lacquered look for the kitchen, but simply of Marble, glass, faience, many are the noble materials at our disposal.

7. Natural linens

Creating a chic country atmosphere in his kitchen is also privileging natural textures. In fact, we turn to linen towels, cotton tea towels, jute placemats, silk table runners and crinkled linen tablecloths to feed his linen collection. No question about setting the table with laminated textures. The plant fibers and animal, very trends in decoration, are also appealing to the touch. The softness of the cotton, the particular texture of the linen, all these linens maintain the authenticity of the country kitchen.

8. Chic country kitchen: adapted dishes

The kitchen utensils  – spatulas, knives, bowl, crockery items – have a penchant for natural materials. Wood and ceramic in the lead. That’s why artisanal pieces fit perfectly with the codes of the country kitchen. Getting all the dishes and the kitchen utility from artisans can be complicated, so we do not hesitate to mix the standard and rare items to fill the cupboards. Spoons carved in the wood here, glass plates bought in a shop there. The good idea? Showcasing beautiful pieces by recycling an enameled jug as a vase with flowers or by exposing some spatulas in a pot modeled by hand.

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