Christmas Gambling Traditions from Around the World

Whether Christmas is your favorite time of year or one you’d rather forego, there’s no denying that clever businesses try to capitalize on it. With the festive period boosting sales and making consumers more willing to part with their money, it’s the perfect time to release themed merchandise and to push new releases.

When people are holding onto their purse strings less tightly, they’re also more likely to indulge in entertainment of one form or another, and one industry that’s never slow to seize on such an opportunity is the gambling sector.

From special Christmas lotteries to festive-themed slots, we take a look at the most exciting traditions from around the world for those who like a flutter.

Festive-themed slots

All around the world, there are certain special gambling traditions that come out once December rolls around. This applies to the online sphere too, with a slew of festive-themed slots and entertainments making an appearance.

These include, for example, festive takes on jackpot bingo from Paddy Power, with their extensive portfolio encompassing titles such as Very Christmas Jackpot, Very Merry Christmas, and Ghosts of Christmas. Themes are common when it comes to online bingo, so it’s no surprise that providers like this have offerings for you to indulge in of festive fun online.

Christmas in Vegas

Las Vegas is a wonderland of glitz and glamor all year round, so it’s little wonder that this American gambling mecca knows how to capitalize on the Christmas period. Come December, Sin City goes to town, with each casino on the Strip trying its damnedest to outdo its rivals.

Going all out with its decorations, the city is filled with towering Christmas trees, carol singers, and incredible entertainment. Among these is the Bellagio Fountains show, which is entirely free and features lots of classic holiday tunes.

Other exciting events include the Winter PARQ at the LINQ Promenade, ice skating at the Cosmopolitan, and a holiday cactus garden at Ethel M’s Chocolate Factory, all of which wowed in 2019 and are now back for 2020.

Christmas lotteries

While people from around the world play Christmas titles online and visit Vegas during the festive period, there are also lots of home-grown holiday lotteries for them to enjoy. The most famous of these is El Gordo, which is held on the 22nd December each year.

Hailing from Spain, El Gordo means ‘the big one’. Running since 1812, it is the second-longest continually running lottery in the world. Millions of people participate each year, including locals and foreign nationals alike.

While the lottery is hosted every week, it is its Christmas incarnation that draws the most attention, thanks to its incredibly generous prize. Handing out over two billion euros each year, its grand prize can equal up to 720 million euros for one lucky individual.

When it comes to celebrating Christmas, there are lots of different ways to do it, and for those who are fans of a flutter, some of them can be incredibly exciting. Which of these festive gambling traditions would you most like to partake in?

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