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Do You Feel Guilty Leaving Your Dog Home Alone? Here’s What You Can Do

If you go to work and have to leave your dog all by himself, at the end of the day, you might notice how sad they look and feel guilty all of a sudden. But guess what, you can do something about it. Instead of leaving your puppy or dog at home all day where they will be bored and lonely, you can bring your pet to doggie daycare. This article discusses the many benefits of enrolling your dog in dog daycare.

Safer socialisation

Just like humans, every dog has different dispositions. Your dog must learn how to play and interact with other dogs in a safe and secure environment.

Certain dogs can be assertive, while others tend to be shy and retiring, depending on their breed. High energy dogs will act differently compared to laid-back breeds.

For example, if you have a terrier or Shih Tzu, they might be scared of larger breeds such as Great Danes and German shepherds. But a dog daycare will ensure that their playgroup will have similarly sized dogs, which will help your dog feel secure and have as much fun as possible.

Doggie daycare playgroups also provide safety precautions since some energetic dogs might not know how to be cautious around their shyer counterparts.

Eliminate separation anxiety

If your dog is with you at home at all times, a sudden routine change will make them more anxious. Because of this, they may regress back a few months from their training.

Your dog will start peeing and pooping around the house. They may also chew on your clothes and shoes. These are symptoms of canine separation anxiety which often results in destructive behaviours.

Because of this, you must find the best doggie daycare centre and bring them there. Just make sure your pet is vaccinated. Playing with other dogs will protect your dog from depression and sickness due to loneliness.

Supervision during playtime

One of the best advantages of doggie daycare is your dog will get to play. Other canine friends will also be available. But, of course, when a massive group of dogs gets together, there is sure to be some trouble.

Fortunately, any conflicts can be handled by the daycare staff. They are experts in dog behaviour. They can step in and defuse the situation. They will separate the dogs for everyone’s safety and encourage continued play.

Doggie daycare staff aren’t just referees. They are also teachers. Your dog will be stimulated mentally by the games at the daycare.

Fun and exciting exercises

Top on the list of doggie daycare benefits is having your dog experience fun and exciting games.

If you leave your dog isolated at home for long periods, they will probably have a lot of pent-up energy. They will be excited to run outdoors once you return home. But after a gruelling day at the office, a long walk might not be your choice of relaxation.

But when your dog spends time in a daycare facility, it can run, jump, chase, and scamper.

All of these physical activities are critical for your dog’s well-being. It is great for their physical health and a fun way to exercise. Because of this, once they return home after the high-octane day of play, they will be ready to snuggle and relax with you.

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