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Elon Musk’s Net Worth: From PayPal to SpaceX

Elon Musk has become one of the world’s foremost entrepreneurs and innovators since founding SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink and The Boring Company in recent decades. But how has Elon amassed his immense fortune? In this article we’ll investigate Elon’s net worth from PayPal days until his current success with SpaceX.

Who is Elon Musk?

Before considering Elon Musk’s net worth, it is necessary to gain an understanding of who he is and his path to success. Born in South Africa and later immigrating to Pennsylvania for university study, after graduation he founded Zip2, sold for $307 million after three years, co-founded PayPal (sold to eBay later for $1.5 billion), founded SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corporation), Tesla (Tesla), and The Boring Company among many other successful firms.

Elon Musk's Net Worth

PayPal and the beginnings of Musk’s net worth

Elon Musk co-founded X.com in 1999 as an online payment system and eventually transformed it into PayPal – one of the world’s leading payment platforms at that time. eBay eventually purchased PayPal for $1.5 billion and thus greatly increasing his net worth – giving Musk approximately $165 Million as of 2002.

Tesla and the growth of Musk’s net worth

Elon Musk created Tesla, an electric car company which has revolutionized the automotive industry since 2004. Since its conception, Tesla’s success has been nothing short of incredible and its market capitalization surpassed $800 billion as of 2022 – its market capitalization having skyrocketed even higher during that same time frame. Elon’s estimated net worth stands at over $240 billion today based on his holdings within Tesla. Discover Sylvester Stallone Height: How Tall Is The Iconic Actor?

SpaceX and the continuation of Musk’s success

Elon Musk founded SpaceX in 2002 to make space travel more affordable and accessible, and since its formation has already achieved some notable feats including sending the first privately funded spacecraft to the International Space Station as well as signing several high-profile contracts with NASA and other organizations that has solidified his place among one of the industry’s most acclaimed figures.

Other ventures and investments

Elon Musk has founded or co-founded many other companies, such as The Boring Company for developing innovative tunneling solutions and Neuralink for creating advanced brain-machine interfaces. Furthermore, Musk has made numerous notable investments, including SolarCity and DeepMind.


Elon Musk has achieved great success as an entrepreneur and innovator, beginning his journey with PayPal before creating Tesla and SpaceX – two ventures which would go on to generate his estimated estimated $240 billion net worth today, placing him as one of the richest people globally.

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