Create a small garden design in your house

Having a garden design at home, even if it is not very large, is a luxury. If you are one of the lucky ones who have an outdoor space to make one, you will have to decide how you want to raise it to get the most out of it, especially if you do not have many square meters.

It is a logical and normal consequence: the good weather arrives and we take to the streets, to enjoy the sun. And the warmest temperatures of the year. And I do not tell you anything if you are one of those who have a house with a garden design. Then the interior spaces go into the background and we begin to make our life abroad. Be that as it may, small or large gardens become the center of domestic life.

So do not waste any more time and get down to work preparing your garden. And enjoy it to the fullest this season. Search the garden of your dreams, have this the meters you have.

Small garden design but with many possibilities

small garden design

Start by asking yourself how is your garden dreamed. You must be clear about what you like to do in the garden, from lunch. Or dinner with friends to a good nap in the shade. Think when you prefer to be in it and what accessories or outdoor furniture you need. If you want a pool or better a small garden area; if you would like a tree that gives shade or you prefer that there are many flowers.

And when you know exactly the type of garden design you want, put into practice all. or some of these ideas to get it.

Divided into delimited areas

Although your garden is not very spacious. It is important to divide it into different areas of use. In this way it will be easier to use and, in addition. We increase the visual interest of the space. To know what kind of environments your garden admits, think about the activities that you and yours are going to do.

You may want a dining area and a seating area. You can create both without taking up much space, using compact. And practical garden furniture. The folding chairs that are easily collected are one of many options.

Everything to scale

the small garden design

In small garden design it is a mistake to choose species that are too large, that steal space for other areas and plants. Remember that everything has to go to scale, so opt for plant species of moderate size.

When deciding what type of plants to choose for your garden. You will have to assess many things, in addition to the size of the garden. It is important to take into account the climate (average temperatures, whether it rains or not in the area, winds, etc.).

You also have to think about the orientation of the garden, to know if it gives a lot or little sun. You will also know which areas are longer in shade and which ones in the sun. This will help you decide, in addition to the plant species that you should plant, the place where you can dispose the living area, the eating area, a swimming pool, etc. Other important aspects to decide the species to plant are the type of soil and if you have possibilities to water it according to your needs.

Do not overload it

The space is what it is. And there is nothing worse than those small gardens that are full of elements to the limit because they are oppressive and hostile, as there is barely room to move freely.

  • And choose few elements but well thought out.
  • It is also a good idea to choose few varieties of plants, otherwise the space would be too crowded.

Structure it on different levels

top small garden design

Creating an effect of several terraces of different height is a resource that will help you create a certain rhythm in the garden design. A good idea to break the monotony and get a feeling of greater amplitude.

This can also be achieved by alternating different elements such as tall and low plants. Or rectilinear forms with more straight and angular ones. The key is to create contrasts that energize the space. This idea is good for large gardens design, but it is especially effective in small gardens.

The colors? Few, and well chosen

It is true that color is a fundamental resource when planning a garden. However, an excess of colors can be counterproductive and create a variegated effect.

Better take advantage of the many nuances of green that nature offers you, and choose one. Or two more colors to animate the space. The result will be a simpler, more modern and elegant garden. With these ideas, your garden will gain style, beauty and comfort of use.

Tips and Ideas for the small garden design

garden design in your house

  • First of all you have to decide what type of small garden design you want to have in your house. There are many different types of gardens. And varied offer including the traditional English garden, a tropical oasis, Mediterranean-style garden, native plants, Japanese garden and many more.
  • The next thing you need to do is that you started designing your own garden design with the land that you have available.
  • In order to do this correctly, you must create a plan of your yard to scale. And draw in it all the existing constructions, as well as mark the predominant direction of the wind and the sun.
  • Next, start sketching in the design of your small garden design the leisure areas, routes. And lawn areas you want to have. We must think if we have children or people who can not move easily by the paths we do. Or between the bushes and that does not increase the possibility of accidental damage flat small garden design. For leisure areas, try to seek for deck and screened porch contractors to do the heavy duty work.
  • Then, you must add the location of the large trees or bushes you want, paying special attention to the direction of the sun and the wind. We must consider the climate where we live to properly choose both the materials. And the flowers and plants that we are going to put.
  • If we are installing ponds or fountains in the garden , make sure that there is no leakage problem. Or that a possible leak or break affects installations such as pipes, power lines or any other supply channel in the house.

Finally, you can include in the design of the  small garden  design and colorful plants that will make the garden look very attractive. The most difficult part when making the landscaping design of your back garden is to know. Which is the best position for sunbeds or garden beds , large trees, lawn areas, trails and entertainment areas to be combined with Perfection and be pleasing to the eye. However you can solve this problem by searching the internet for hundreds of pictures or design photos of other people’s gardens and see what makes your design as a good one.

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