How to put eyeliner: the tricks for a fast and perfect application

It is certainly no secret that the application of eyeliner has always been a rather feared beauty technique, especially by women who are less experienced in make-up. After all, it is a fundamental step for magnetic and irresistible eye makeup, but not really easy to make, which therefore deserves a little training to master its technique to perfection and show off a look worthy of note.

The eyeliner, or eye-liner, is a line, more or less thin, which is made starting from the upper eyelid of the eye and continued beyond the outer corner of the same, so as to create an upward comparable to lengthen the gaze and make it deeper and more magnetic. There are different techniques and yields of this beauty trend, from the most classic ones to the cat-eye up to the fifties graphic line, to be chosen at will based on your taste, style, and eye shape to enhance it at best.

Below you can find all the steps and useful tips to learn how to apply eyeliner quickly and flawlessly. These are simple and quick tricks that act as a sort of ideal tutorial for beginners and want to learn quickly to be able to reproduce it every day, without much effort and avoid the most common mistakes.

1. Evaluate the shape of the eye and choose the most suitable eyeliner shapeHow to put eyeliner: the tricks for a fast and perfect application

As already mentioned above, there are several forms of eyeliner that we can use. When we talk about eyeliner, we refer in particular to the shape of the final line, also called the quotation mark, which starts from the outer corner of the eyelid and is able to best enhance our type of eye. For this reason, it is essential to understand what the shape of our eyes is and choose the one that is most suitable for us.

If you have small eyes, eyeliner is an excellent choice, because it will lengthen the eye, but because it gives this result, it is essential that its line does not start from the tear duct (or internal corner of the eye), but from a third or half of it. This must be thin and then go to grow as you approach the outside, from which you will then start a quotation mark upwards or slightly elongated.

If you have large eyes, you can start the line from the tear duct, thus surrounding the whole eye, or from the middle, only above or only below. However, if your eyes are round, avoid contouring them completely, both above and below, otherwise, you will only accentuate their roundness. If, on the contrary, they are elongated, you can proceed without problems on both the upper and lower internal rhyme, taking care not to draw too long or inclined curves, which would cause an excessively unnatural and artificial effect.

2. Choose the type of eyeliner: liquid, pen, pencil or gel

The choice of the type of eyeliner depends above all on your manual skills and experience. Here are all those on the market that you can choose from:

Liquid eyeliner: it is the classic one, but it is not exactly the easiest to use, because it is rather difficult to manage; therefore it is not recommended for beginners.

Pen eyeliner: it has a very precise stroke, it is suitable for those who have a certain dexterity but have the defect of drying out rather quickly.

Gel eyeliner: this requires the use of a brush but allows one to have a homogeneous color line and a precise stroke.

Pencil eyeliner: together with the previous one, it is the easiest to use for beginners. It is easy to manage, in case of errors it can be nuanced and it is also ideal for those who do not want to create an excessively visible quotation mark.

3. Layout a base

Before application, you should apply a base, so that the eyeliner can last longer and its stroke adhere better to the skin and be more homogeneous

4. Position yourself in the right way and keep your eyelids parted

For a perfect application, it is necessary to have a mirror nearby and support that acts as a surface for the elbow so as to have the hand as firm as possible and proceed with maximum precision.

Another fundamental aspect is to keep the eyelids parted and to avoid pulling them; to do this, we advise you to keep your chin well up and look downwards, in this way you will be able to assume the ideal position without too much effort and in a natural way and to keep your eyes half-closed and not totally closed.

5. Create the guideline for the eyelid line and the outer commaHow to put eyeliner: the tricks for a fast and perfect application

Now we are in the highlight of our eyeliner operation which consists of two essential and complementary steps: the creation of the eyelid line and the outer quotation mark.

There are two simpler, faster and more effective methods that allow us to put eyeliner perfectly without going crazy.

The dashes method

Draw small dashes on the upper rhyme starting from the inner corner (tear duct) or from the middle of the eye. Then join them precisely, using the eyeliner directly, or – for the most insecure hands – using a pencil first and then the eyeliner.

At this point dedicate yourself to the external quotation mark: point upwards, positioning the pencil from the end of the nose towards the external corner of the eye; in this way, you will have more or less the direction in which to trace your quotation mark upwards. This technique is more suitable for the color that they want to make an eyeliner with a more delicate and less visible line.

The Scotch method

Take a small piece of paper tape or masking tape and position it obliquely starting from the bottom of the eye towards the outside corner, so as to have a guideline for the upturned tail.

Not only that, but scotch can also be useful for the first part of the operation, that is, the realization of the line that runs above the eyelid. Its use is particularly suitable for those who want a fuller eyeliner . In this case, in fact, the scotch will create real stencils, which will easily delimit the part that we will have to fill with color, thus creating a much more defined eyeliner than the previous one.

If you fear an unsightly panda effect or do not want to waste too much time, know that there are stencil of all shapes on the market, so to choose the one that best suits you and avoid some steps that can significantly lengthen or complicate the process.

How to correct post-application errors

If you run into some mistakes while applying the eyeliner, don’t worry; for the first few times, in particular, it is to be taken into account and considered rather as a normal thing. You just have to practice a little, and after a while, everything will be simpler and more immediate.

There are two methods to intervene in these cases:

Cotton swab + micellar water

You can intervene with a cotton swab soaked in micellar water but not with biphasic or waterproof make-up remover because it will also dissolve the amount of product that you will apply after. This technique can be useful in case you need to slightly thin one of the lines above the eyelid so that the eyeliner applied on both eyes is symmetrical and identical.

Cotton swab + concealer

You can also proceed with concealer, as long as you use it properly after everything has dried properly.

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