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How to reduce noise pollution and what are its consequences

How to reduce noise pollution and what are its consequences in our day to day routine? Especially if we live in a big city, we are habituated of living with noise situations: such as cars, motorcycles, works, airplanes, helicopters … The list of noise sources are huge and have effects on our health.

Knowing how to get rid of noise pollution can help us take care of our environment and live in more livable places. Do you want to know what effects noise can have on your well-being? We will tell you in this article.

How to reduce noise pollution

What is noise pollution?

The noise pollution can be defined as the excess of sound that alters the normal conditions of the environment of a certain place. Noise can affect the quality of our lives in different ways. So we should find a way on how to reduce noise pollution.

The main sources of noise are usually (airplanes, trains, metros, buses, construction of buildings and works and finally, industries). Another source of noise that can be added to the previous ones is that which occurs when there is an agglomeration of people in a place: a concert, a bar or a demonstration. Are you familiar?

How to reduce noise pollution

What are the consequences of noise for health?

The consequences of noise on health can vary from one situation to another, but in general, they are summarized in the following:

  • Hearing loss or hearing ringing in the ears.
  • Psychological problems such as anxiety, stress or aggression.
  • Physical problems such as increased blood pressure, heart rate or breathing frequency.
  • Effects related to sleep and rest, which produce consequences in attention and performance both at school and at work.

As you see, these effects can become serious consequences in our daily life and routine. But do you know that you can easily avoid noise pollution?

How to reduce noise pollution

How to reduce noise pollution?

From the small scale, we can also acquire an important role in the fight against noise and take the following measures to change our habits:

  • Unless absolutely necessary, avoid using motor vehicles and use, for example, a bicycle to travel to work.
  • Avoid using the washing machine and dishwasher at night to avoid noise and disturb other people who may be resting.
  • When you go to a bar or walk down the street, avoid talking loudly or shouting.
  • Control the volume of the television, radio or music that you put at home, especially at night.
  • If you have a pet, educate it so that it does not cause discomfort to other people.

In addition to the above, if you habitually expose yourself to high noise levels, you can take measures to protect your health. Here are some ideas on how to reduce noise pollution!

  • Isolate your house properly to avoid noise.
  • Use ear protection when using noise-generating appliances.
  • Do not use headphones with very loud music.

As you can imagine, it is, ultimately, that you learn to enjoy the absence of noise and that, between all and all, we respect the silence and rest of the people around us. Get involved with the cause, and you will see how you and your environment will soon see the results!

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