How to surprise your boyfriend

Do you want to surprise your boyfriend and are you tired of the typical gifts that everyone knows? You will discover original, daring and most picturesque ideas to catch your boy by surprise and leave him with his mouth open. We will not entertain you anymore, take good note and prepare the best surprise for your boyfriend.

An extreme plan

Do you want to surprise your boyfriend? We guarantee that with this plan you will be able to leave it open-mouthed. The plan is to take your boyfriend without knowing anything about extreme sports such as bungee jumping, rafting, parachuting or other extreme activities. Of course, remember that this activity is only recommended if you and your boyfriend like risk sports and burn adrenaline, otherwise the result can be disastrous.

Look changeHow to surprise your boyfriend

If you have been thinking about getting a makeover for a while, but you still can’t decide, this is the perfect occasion. If the first thing that comes to mind is a haircut, don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a radical change, nor does it have to be in the hair.

Of course, if you are daring and are not afraid of changes, you can do something more daring and cut your hair or change its color. If you are one of those who prefer a more subtle change, you can choose to do a manicure with sculpted nails, give a different touch to your hair by making highlights, put on eyelash extensions …

Any small aesthetic change will be evident and you will leave your boy speechless. Of course, do not tell him anything, the change must be a surprise.

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Relive your first date

If your wedding anniversary is near, you can surprise your boy reliving your first date. It is one of the anniversary ideas that seem more romantic to us because … who is not excited to relive the first date with the love of his life?

You have to take into account important details such as booking in advance if your first date was in a restaurant, having the complete outfit you wore that day prepared, among other details. Try to make it as real and faithful to the memory as possible, the key to a perfect recreation is not to neglect those little details. You will live a magical night full of nerves and illusion.

Erotic games

Have you ever considered including an erotic game in your relationships? If the idea has been around your mind on some occasion, but you have not known how or when to carry it out, here is the opportunity to surprise your partner. You can start with something of your invention or buy a fun game in a sex shop.

And if you want inspiration, be sure to visit this list of 14 games in bed with your partner to find the perfect idea to surprise your boyfriend in bed.

Romantic dinner

How to surprise your boyfriend

And for the most classic we also have ideas to surprise the couple, a classic that never fails: the romantic dinner. Of course, cure it a little and prepare dinner yourself. If cooking is not your thing, we have an alternative: order dinner from your favorite restaurant, but take care of the decoration and atmosphere of the house.

The importance of this dinner is that your boyfriend does not expect it and that it is something prepared by you or something you have worked on so that your boy is aware of what you have tried to surprise him with.

If you do not know what recipes to prepare or how to decorate the house, take a look at our Ideas for a romantic dinner at home.

Prepare a photo session

One way to surprise your boy who will also leave you with a precious memory for a lifetime is to prepare a photo session.

Having a quality photo report by a professional is something you will have forever. You can choose a traditional studio report, do an artistic session with body painting or make a more daring report in a dream location like a forest, sunset on the beach, a meadow area with streams or other landscapes.

Once you have them, you can prepare a photo album with them or decorate the house, discover in this article How to hang photos originally.

Prepare a playlist for the car

Like most couples, surely you have a list of songs that remind you of a moment in your relationship. Important songs that sounded at some point in your first dates, songs that take you to a specific time in your relationship … In short, songs that for one reason or another are important to you.

Prepare the romantic playlist and email it to work, or leave a flash drive in your car without realizing it. Do not tell him what it is about when he listens to the first song, he will know that it is something special for you and will put his emotions on the surface.

Special breakfastHow to surprise your boyfriend

If your boy is one of those who enjoys making himself lazy in bed and has always wished he could have breakfast one day in bed, this is your chance to fulfill his dream.

Prepare a complete breakfast that is out of the ordinary, the important thing is that it is special and different. We advise you to make all possible preparations the night before, for example: if you are going to make pancakes, leave the dough ready; If you want to make a cake or cake, do it the day before.

If your boy works or you still don’t live together, don’t worry, we have an alternative for you. Order a surprise breakfast from a company dedicated to making original gifts. You just have to contact them, choose the breakfast that your boy likes the most and give them the instructions to deliver it the day and time you want at his workplace. You will leave your boyfriend open-mouthed.

If you do not know how to start, we leave you some ideas in our article How to prepare a romantic breakfast.

Notes throughout the house

If you want something less flashy to surprise your boyfriend at home, we suggest leaving posters or romantic notes all over the house. As an idea, we suggest you leave the notes on the route that your boy usually does every morning, for example, a bathroom, closet, mirror, kitchen … You can leave notes in each room and along the corridor to finish waiting for him in the kitchen with breakfast prepared.

Try to make the notes different, you can make them romantic, fun, deep, simple or spicy. It is an easy and original way to surprise your partner.

If you need ideas, find the best phrases in our article Short and original love letters for my boyfriend.


The cinema has shown us on numerous occasions scenes of couples enjoying a romantic picnic and now your time has come. Prepare a simple snack, meet your boyfriend in the place you have chosen and prepare to immortalize his surprised face.

Romantic getaway

This is a slightly more expensive option since until now we have seen ideas to surprise your boyfriend cheap or very low cost, but we want to propose all the options so that you have a choice.

If you know that your boy wants to know a city or you haven’t been able to make a weekend getaway together for a long time, this is the perfect occasion. You will not be able to remove your surprised face during the whole trip. We leave you some tips in our article How to organize a trip for Valentine’s Day.


To surprise your boy with an unusual gift and keep him with his mouth open all day, ideally, it should be improvised. Do not plan anything, stay with him when you leave work or the institution and try to spend an unforgettable day in which everything you do is because you won’t, not because there is an established plan.

Surprise calls

If you are one of those who like to surprise your boyfriend with small details, how about a call when you least expect it just to tell him that you love him? If you call him at a time when it is not usual for you to talk, it will be a pleasant surprise for him, but if you also just say something romantic or some nice phrase and hang up, his amazement will be even greater.


If you are creative and you like to make crafts, you will like this idea. It is a somewhat different collage from the traditional one in which only photos are placed. We propose you to make a collage of memories in which you include your photos, annotations with important dates, phrases that you have said to yourself at some point and remember with special affection, objects of sentimental value that you have given yourself, etc.

Decorate it with elements to make crafts such as stickers, ribbons or glitter and your boy will have a personalized memory of your love story.

Fulfill some fantasy

If you want to surprise your boyfriend in bed, you can fulfill some of his fantasies. Maybe the topic has come up and you have commented on your sexual desires, otherwise, provoke that conversation to get the information you need to be amazed. If you don’t know how to start the conversation, you can start by asking if you’ve ever had any of these 5 men’s sexual fantasies.


Who would not like to relax and enjoy while your partner gives you a good sensual massage? Surely your boy would be delighted if you did. Prepare a good atmosphere, but relaxing music, a dim light, and light a candle for more intimacy.

Give him a giftHow to surprise your boyfriend

If you are one of the most classic and you prefer to have a detail with your boy, you will find hundreds of blogs with gift ideas to surprise your boyfriend. It is also a way to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday it is one of the most common. Try to buy your detail taking into account their preferences and do not get carried away by your tastes. If you want the surprise to be even greater, we invite you to get inspired by this list of 10 original gifts for men.

Things you like about him

Many times we take it for granted that our partner knows what we like about him or that he is aware of what we want, but it does not hurt to tell him, in addition to showing him. How about leaving dozens of notes all over the house in which you tell your boy why he fell in love with you or what are the things you like most about him? It is the perfect way to make you feel loved and appreciated, something that drives kids crazy.

Dedicate a songHow to surprise your boyfriend

There was a time, not so long ago though it may seem, when dedicating songs on radio shows was in vogue. It was an original way of showing affection to someone and was used, above all, as a birthday greeting.

Like all the past is a trend again, why not rescue this nice idea and surprise your boyfriend by dedicating a song to him on his favorite radio show? Of course, make sure that it is in a time slot where you can listen to it, for example on the car ride or a lunch break.

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