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7 indoor plants with flowers to decorate your home

If you need ideas to decorate your home with durable and easy-to-care indoor plants with flowers, this shortlist can help you decide which one is best suited for your circumstances and your home.

This influences, among other factors, the ambient temperature and the frequency of irrigation necessary for the survival and flowering of the plant. Thus, while some plants need little light or limited space, others are large and tall plants or require a good amount of sunlight.

Indoor plants with flower

Let’s see what are the main characteristics and what basic care requires 7 species of flowering plants ideal for indoors: geranium, gardenia, mini rose bush, orchid, peace lily, kalanchoe and cactus with flowers.

1. Geraniumindoor plants

Geranium is one of the most popular indoor flowering plants worldwide, although it is technically considered an outdoor plant. This is partly because they are resistant to many different temperatures.

Although they are suitable for interiors, geraniums require natural light. So it is better not to have these plants in very dark places; semi-shaded environments are tolerable for geranium. It should also keep them away from the heat sources of our home. It is one of the best indoor plants with flowers.

In winter the geraniums practically do not need to be watered, although in autumn it is recommended to provide them with water at least once a week, and in summer and in spring it is convenient to water them twice a week or even more, depending on the humidity of the environment.

2. Gardeniaindoor plants

Gardenia is considered suitable as an indoor plant but also as an outdoor plant, as long as the temperature is between 10ºC and 25ºC. During winter it is convenient to avoid cold environments.

The recommended care for gardenias includes frequent watering and ensuring that they receive enough sunlight, although the amount of light should be moderate. The flowers of these plants require particular attention because they are vulnerable.

It is a plant native to China that is characterized by both the beauty of its leaves and the aroma it gives off. All this makes gardenia another of the most popular flowering plants that exist.

If we use them as indoor plants, it is important to place the gardenias in a room with enough space. It must be taken into account that they can be made very large and tall, reaching up to 2 meters high.

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3. Rosal miniindoor plants

The mini rose bush has become very common in recent years to become one of the flowering indoor plants par excellence. The flowers of the mini rose are kept year-round, which is not the case with traditional roses, which are outdoor plants.

The mini rose bush requires a temperature between 10ºC and 23ºC approximately. As well as enough natural light and a moderate amount of water.

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4. Orchidindoor plants

Some varieties of orchid with flowers can be used as houseplants. But orchids are very vulnerable and should be treated with care.

Most orchids need plenty of moisture and sunlight, although they should not receive light directly; In any case, this depends on the variety. Since some are adapted to the cold despite being a primarily tropical plant. It is one of the best indoor plants with flowers.

The Sevilla orchid is popular as an indoor plant for its striking and colorful flowers. As well as being easier to care for than other types of orchids.

5. Lily of peaceindoor plants

Peace lilies are often used as flowering houseplants to decorate luxury homes for their green leaves and beautiful white flowers.

Espatifilo is a species of a tropical plant that requires a lot of water during growth and flowering. As well as a moderately high ambient temperature (16-21ºC). And indirect or filtered light, as we mentioned when talking about orchids.

It is considered ideal as an indoor plant because of how easy it is to grow and care for it. And it is also said that it has the ability to purify the surrounding air.

6. Kalanchoeindoor plants

Another of the most popular flowering indoor plants today is the kalanchoe, which is one of the simplest plants to take care of the list and blooms throughout the year.

Among the specific care for kalanchoe, we can highlight that it requires a lot of natural light and ventilation. While with little water you can survive perfectly. It is also important that you are in a high room because sometimes it grows up to 40 cm, more or less.

7. Cactus with flowersindoor plants

Cacti are a good option as houseplants (including varieties with flowers) because they are quite resistant to temperatures – ideally the range between 7ºC and 20ºC, generally – and they need little water, especially in cold environments.

It is recommended to provide enough natural light and some ventilation to the cacti to ensure their survival. And the flowering of the flowering varieties, which occurs in spring or summer.

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