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Long live the denim fabric! H & M is still betting on the basic cowboy denim collection

There is no fabric that can dethrone the denim, and that over the years has proven to be the absolute king of street style. It has the ability to blend with any style and its presence does nothing but add style and simplicity to the final look. Now H & M reminds us again, in case we had forgotten, several reasons why we should have in our wardrobe all kinds of denim collection.

denim collection

The ‘Canadian tuxedo’ always works

Never ever denim over denim had so much moored. Under the name of “Canadian Tuxedo” this practice of joining two pieces of the same fabric each time has more followers. It is not a novelty, but the truth is that over the years there are more and more people who dare to try their luck.

denim collection

The return of the denim skirt

Mini, midi or maxi: the denim skirt is so cool that H & M has included it (without hesitation) in its new spring collection. With large pockets and the detail of white stitching, the low-cost signature will fall in love with more than one with this simple design.

denim collection

The basics that never fail

The basics never fail and the acclaimed wardrobe background could swell with some of the new proposals. Skinny pants, fitted jackets or plain shirts of a worn blue. With what option do you stay?

denim collection

denim collection

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