Monster Musume Season 2: Release date and spoilers

Monster Musume, also known as Monsuta Musume no Iro Nichijo, launched its first season in 2015. The fantasy anime became very popular and many were expecting a new season that would be released soon. The first season even hinted at the show’s renewal, and yet it took many years before anything was said. However, we have good news regarding Monster Musume season 2.

So will Monster Musume season 2 finally get a revamp?

To answer your question, yes, we can expect season 2 of the show to launch sometime in 2021. Although the creators have not yet confirmed the exact release date, we can expect the show to be available in mid-2021 or even. towards the end of the year. This is definitely exciting news and there is more than enough source material as the first season has only covered part of the manga the show has been adapted from.

What is the series about?

Monster Musume takes place in a world where humans and monsters coexist. The series begins in which only 3 years before the established timeline, the world of humans learns of the existence of monsters. Due to an assimilation program known as the “Law of Cultural Exchange between Species”, these creatures have been assimilated into society.

Kimihito Kurusu is adopted by the government as a volunteer in this program. They sent a snake-like creature by the name of Miia, who must live with Kurusu. It is meant to train her and help her adjust to daily life. Not only that, but they also send out a centaur girl and a flirty harpy. Between these sexy female creatures and a strict law prohibiting inter-species breeding, what is a young man like Kimihito supposed to do?

Monster Musume season 2 spoilers

Not many details have been released for season 2 of the series. Only information about its renewal has been given, but the creators have not yet released official spoilers or even a trailer for it. We hope to receive more information about it soon.

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