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The 7 most expensive Jeans in the world

Are you bored of your old jeans and have you thought about giving your legs a little “cooler” look? Forget it, this article will do you little good (at least in my case), a compilation of the most expensive jeans on the planet; who can put them on, and whoever wants

Secret circusmost expensive Jeans

The exclusive clothing brand Secret Circus offers the jean (handmade in Los Angeles) that is probably the most expensive in the world since it has several diamonds of different sizes embedded in its back. I personally would not pay that amount for this Jean even if he were a millionaire …

PRICE: $ 1.3 million

Gucci Genius Jeansmost expensive Jeans

Gucci’s line of jeans called “Genius Jeans” is one of the most expensive in the world, the most expensive found in the whole world, they are very original as they contain African pearls, feathers, and very original embroidery. Do you like them?

PRICE: $ USD 4,000

Dussault Apparel Thrashedmost expensive Jeans

These Jeans, like the previous ones, are handmade and are dyed and go through the washing machine more than 10 times in their manufacturing process, even the zipper is hit … so that it acquires a touch of aging. What increases its price above all are the diamonds and rubies that are embedded in addition to white gold.

PRICE: $ USD 250,000

Levi Straussmost expensive Jeans

A Japanese collector bought jeans from the 1980s at auction for an impressive $ 60,000 at auction. These vintage-style jeans are from the 501 series

PRICE: $ USD 60,000

Escadamost expensive Jeans

The exclusive clothing brand ESCADA  has a line of truly luxury Jeans, the Couture Line Jeans. This line is made and embroidered by hand, as well as containing a multitude of Swarovski crystals as you can see in the photo.

PRICE: $ USD 10,000

Dolce and Gabbanamost expensive Jeans

The most expensive jeans that you can currently buy in the Dolce & Gabbana online store are the ones you see in the photo. As you can see they are totally worn out light-colored jeans. The price for going to the fashion of this prestigious clothing brand is 675 US dollars.

PRICE: $ USD 675

Earnest Sewn Custom Fitmost expensive Jeans

I personally did not know about this clothing brand, but there it is, with really high prices which gives it great exclusivity. Something different that this brand offers compared to others is the idea of ​​made-to-measure Jeans since you can request a design and custom fit to your dimensions. The company takes the actual measurements of your body and guarantees a perfect fit.

PRICE: $ USD 1,000

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