5 movies like Shutter Island

Sinister Island, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, premiered on a day like today in 2010 and tells the story of two bailiffs who are assigned to a remote island in Boston Harbor to investigate the disappearance of a dangerous murderer who was held in the Ashecliffe Mental Hospital, a prison for disturbed criminals run by the sinister Dr. John Cawley.

Here are 5 movies that have to see if you liked this Thriller based on the novel by Dennis Lehane:

1- The Sixth Sensemovies like Shutter Island

Dr. Malcom Crowe is a well-known child psychologist from Philadelphia who is haunted by the painful memory of an unbalanced young patient whom he was unable to help. When he meets Cole Sear, a terrified and confused eight-year-old boy in need of treatment, he sees an opportunity to redeem himself by doing everything possible to help him. However, Dr. Crowe is unprepared for the terrible truth about his patient’s supernatural gift: he receives unwanted visits from tormented spirits.

2- Man looking southeastmovies like Shutter Island

Dr. Julio Denis is a psychiatrist and works in a neuropsychiatric facility. One day a young man, Rantés, arrives at the hospital, claiming to be a being from another planet. He treats him as paranoid, but Rantés will gradually creep into his life, making him doubt whether he is really crazy, thus subtly forcing him to rethink his life and profession.

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3- Mementomovies like Shutter Island

The memory of Leonard, an investigator for an insurance agency, is irreversibly damaged by a blow to the head while trying to prevent the murder of his wife: this is the last fact he remembers from the past. Recent memory has lost her: everyday events disappear from her mind in a few minutes. Thus, in order to investigate and try to avenge the murder of his wife. He has to resort to the help of an instant camera and the notes tattooed on his body.

4- The Othersmovies like Shutter Island

Jersey Island, 1945. World War II is over, but Grace’s husband (Nicole Kidman) does not return. Alone in an isolated Victorian mansion on the island of Jersey, she educates her children within rigid religious norms. Children suffer from a strange disease: they cannot directly receive daylight. The three new servants who join the family life must learn a vital rule: the house will always be in darkness. And a door will never be opened if the previous one has not been closed. But the strict order Grace has imposed will be challenged by circumstances beyond her control.

5- Number 23movies like Shutter Island

A man is obsessed with a book that seems to describe details of his intimate life. The man begins to feel threatened and becomes paranoid due to a number that is repeated over and over again in the book Number 23.

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