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It’s truly any girl’s wildest dream come true to visit Paris with Dior. A breath-taking city full of history, romance and culture; and a world-famous fashion house who has helped shape the sartorial world as we know it. Last month I got to live a Cinderella fairy tale come true and travel to Paris with the DiorBeauty team to attend the Addict event in celebration of the launch of their new lip product, Dior Addict Lip Fluid.

Upon arriving in Paris (hello 15-hour flight) we were greeted with a major Dior care package and a beautiful room in the heart of the city. I rushed over (dirty airplane outfit and all) to make it to my fitting at the Dior headquarters. I can’t imagine any place where I’d hope to be looking my most put together, but they accepted me anyway.  Begging for the forgiveness of my dishevelled look “I just got off the plane”, the fabulous Dior team whisked me away into a white room full of beautiful dresses, mirrors, windows and views of the whole city.

dior sunglasses

“Pick what you want to wear.” Usually opting for black- I found myself in a room full of femininity, colour, and glamour. I tried on a myriad of dresses and ultimately opted for a simple, classic, elegant electrifying red.

Exhausted but full of excitement I forced myself to attend the dinner at the fabulous Hotel Costes. The place to see and be seen- if you can get a reservation, but when you are with Dior, it seems like nothing in Paris is a problem. We laughed, drank wine, had escargot and beef tartar–things you couldn’t have paid me enough to eat when I was younger, but in Paris, it feels so right. Dior dress, Dior makeup and Dior sunglasses, just incredible!

The next day after spending the morning shopping around the city I had to arrive early to the event for hair and makeup. I never expected I would be getting my makeup done by one of the best makeup artists in the world. Usually the beachy, no make-up type, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and went for an “old Hollywood glam look.” After it was all complete I barely recognized myself. I felt like a true vision of elegance and glamour.

As if that all weren’t enough, next we were presented with a maze of photoshoot sets, the creations of different artists whose works of art were projected onto different backgrounds to create the photos you see above. Hope you enjoy them!

My experience with Dior in Paris was truly a once in a lifetime moment and a memory I will cherish forever. A million miles away from the small town girl who grew up in a city with not even one clothing store. Thank you to everyone, and especially the whole Dior team who made it such a memorable event!

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