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Peter Jackson net worth, activities, achievements and biography

The epic fantasy of Peter Jackson (October 31, 1961) has blown away movie fans. Its narrative form has led it to be proclaimed as a winner of infinite awards within the culture of the seventh art. In the Peter Jackson net worth, activities, achievements and bio, we will learn about the life of the filmmaker who brought The Lord of the Rings saga to the big screen.

Peter Jackson biography

Peter Jackson was born in Pukerua Bay (New Zealand). He had a quiet and fun childhood until, at the age of nine, he saw a movie that would change his life forever: King Kong. After being surprised by the tape, he had a kind of epiphany. From that moment, it was clear to him what his dream would be: to become a film director. Let’s read: Jaclyn Hill Net Worth and Biography

Peter Jackson net worth

It grew up in the fantasy, adventure and science fiction genres. When he least expected it, he realized that those branches of cinema were his favorites. Soon, he would begin to obsess over Ray Harryhausen’s stop motion work.

His parents gave him a video camera, with which he would begin to record his first short films. In this way, he used his free time to think of ideas and carry them out quickly.

His recognition came with the short film Bad Taste ( Mal Gusto ?? ), which was influenced by gore cinema and would later become a cult film. The little film managed to be applauded and admired at the Cannes festival, which allowed it to rise to Hollywood. Read about Justin bieber feet.

One of his biggest hits was Braindead ( Braindead: Your mother has eaten my dog ​​?? ), released in 1992 and which approached horror and comedy films in a very bloody way. According to many film critics, the film served as a satire in 1950s New Zealand.

In 1994, he joined actress Kate Winslet for Heavenly Creatures ( Heavenly Creatures ), based on real events. It was the first Peter Jackson film that did not border on the controversy, and for which he was awarded at the Venice Film Festival as best director. Thanks to his work, the Academy nominated this film in the category of the best screenplay. Discover more about Russian kim kardashian

Peter Jackson net worth

Mal Gusto tells the story of a group of aliens who invade the earth and kidnap its inhabitants. His net worth is about 7 billion dollars.

Peter Jackson and The Lord of the Rings

Despite the fact that many movie fans knew Jackson from his previous projects, none deny that his big break came when he began directing the Lord of the Rings saga.

With the first film, he won 4 Oscars; with the second part of the saga, he managed to win two awards. But it was with the closing of the trilogy that he managed to win the award for best film, best director and best screenwriter. In total, he collected 11 statuettes, matching other movie favorites.

Peter Jackson net worth

In 2005, he left the Lord of the Rings behind and entered a King Kong remake. Later, after finishing filming in 2009, he immersed himself in the story of Desde mi Cielo, a more dramatic film than the previous ones he had made.

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But it would not take long for him to return to his old wanderings in the fantasy world. For this reason, it reached an agreement with New Line Cinema to produce The Hobbit films, which would serve as a prequel to the universe created in The Lord of the Rings.

Due to his occupations, he had handed over the directorial position to Guillermo del Toro, who had experience with fantasy films. However, as del Toro and the production did not reach an agreement, Peter Jackson had to take the chair and continue directing the saga to which he had given life.

He teamed up with Universal Pictures to adapt Mortal Engines, which was released in 2018 and is steampunk in style. Unfortunately, it did not have the expected success, as the audience claimed that the special effects were good, but the narration of the story gave much to be desired.

In addition to this, the specialized film pages gave it very low scores as a rating, which was a disappointment in the long list of tapes created by Peter Jackson.

He also declared that he would be willing to work on the sequel to The Adventures of Tintin, which would be called The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, working hand in hand with the American director Steven Spielberg. As the work began, the public started the rumor that Peter Jackson would adapt the comics from The Temple of the Sun, but Jackson himself was in charge of denying that news.

For years, Peter Jackson assured that hundreds of films and works had inspired him, among which Goodfellas and Casinos by Martin Scorsese stand out, assuring that they gave him a “kick” to move forward in cinematography.

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