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Six ideas to decorate a living room with minimalist style

A minimalist style room is one in which the maximum “less is more” is very present. It is about taking advantage of the space in a functional and decorative way but without abusing the elements used and we have six ideas to decorate a living room with minimalist style.

This decorative style feels great for spaces that are not excessively large, since by using few furniture it is possible to design a serene and balanced environment, without feeling overwhelmed. Although you can take it to any size room. To know how to do decorate a living room with minimalist style, I leave you with several ideas.

decorate a living room

Minimalist black and white rooms

A combination that I especially like for rooms with minimalist style is the one that bets on the colors black and white. The contrast is very elegant and gives that balanced touch that we seek for these spaces.

Look at this example. If you feel like it, you can always add a brushstroke of color through a smaller decorative object. However, remember that what we are looking for are simple spaces without reloading.

Neutral and soft colors

Although black and white we have seen that it is a winning combination, as a general rule the neutral colors and in monochrome style will be the ones that best fit your minimalist room. Visually it will be more spacious and bright. If the floor is clear and the white walls, you can place furniture in gray or ecru, for example.

decorate a living room


When choosing the furniture in your minimalist living room it is important that you bet on those with straight lines. That are simple and functional. And only the essentials. With all this you will achieve that orderly interior design and with a clean image of minimalist decoration.

So that the space is not visually saturated, the low and wide furniture is a good solution. And so that these are perfectly integrated into the room you can play with their color, choosing those that are integrated with the tones of the wall, for example.

The importance of natural light

Within these spaces natural light is key. In this way, we managed to bring that warm and cozy touch that may be more difficult to achieve with these furniture with such straight lines and so austere decoration.

Let the sun’s rays flood the room, place light curtains that maximize that natural lighting and add artificial light points in warm tones if the room does not have excessively large windows or is not as bright as you would like.

decorate a living room

What materials to use?

In a minimalist room, wood, metal or glass are materials that will look great. It is important that you use them in their purest state, for example, natural wood with marked streaks and in light tones will bring a lot of light and warmth.

Crystal, meanwhile, helps create a clear environment and favors the flow of light. Aluminum and steel are visually light and become key materials of minimalism.

Few decorative elements in sight

We have already seen it throughout the whole article. The minimalist decoration for your living room should bet on the fewer items in sight, the better. Functional furniture that allows you to comfortably store everything you need to store in them is essential for this. Place some decorative object that you like but without going over. Make it meaningful to you and bring you something nice every time you see it. If you want, you can change when you want what you have used to decorate, but never fill the shelves with things.

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