The 10 rules of Richard Branson for being a successful entrepreneur

Richard Branson is an entrepreneur, a visionary and a person who loves the risk that has accumulated a fortune of 4 billion dollars.

He created one of the largest companies in the world: it all began with his young activity 3 decades ago, Virgin.

Branson has managed to develop his reputation of “risks everything” and of a person who takes pleasure from everything he did.

He lives on a 74-hectare island called Necker Island and spends his days surfing, hiking and other outdoor activities, all while managing his empire in his spare time.

It’s great to see the lives that have influenced Branson and it’s even better that he’s conducting his work with great joy.


1. Do it simple

Richard Branson is dyslexic, which means he has trouble reading and often confuses words and letters, yet he managed to put together a fortune of 4 billion: Do you think he did it by making things difficult?

Branson prides himself on his ability to keep things simple and, as an entrepreneur, is exactly what you need to get used to.

It is tempting to make things difficult and complex, because all those who are defined as “cool business” have so many elements and so much meat in the fire.

We all want to create the next Facebook or the next Google, right?

However, even these companies have progressed slowly and then ended up in those systems that seem so complex, when instead they are just a series of small processes joined together.

Keep the simplest things you can because it is thanks to this that you will see money arrive.

You will have to learn how to convey your ideas, products and services in the easiest and clearest way possible.

2. Try it

Instead of discussing for days, weeks and months whether or not you give a chance to your new idea or your new business, you’d better throw yourself.

What’s the worst thing that could happen? With the internet, testing new concepts and new activities is relatively inexpensive and you can usually, quickly enough, figure out if you have a gold mine in your hands or not.

So instead of examining whether or not you should go ahead with your idea, try it and if it does not work, you can always take a step back and get back to doing what you did before.

3. Be a leader

As an activity, you are part of a group of people fighting for a bigger goal and vision.

Therefore, with all the groups of people going in the same direction, the presence of a strong leader is needed to make sure the gang stays together, otherwise your business will not have much chance.

I do not think it’s a secret that leadership is a fundamental quality for any founder or entrepreneur.

Whether you are a leader to hundreds of people or simply to yourself, it is important that you have a clear vision of what you want and work hard day by day to make that vision become a reality.

Clear your vision to as many people as possible and ask them to trust you and follow you.

“You do not have to blindly accept the leader’s advice, but you have to ask questions if the situation requires it.” – Richard Branson

4. Do not give up

When you give life to an activity, remember that you will encounter challenges and you will have to overcome many checkpoints and obstacles that a sane person would abandon to return to their previous job.

But if you want your business, so your business, to succeed, you will not have to do that!

You will have to face them and get up after each defeat, you will have to look back and watch every battle as a life experience, then look forward and do not look back.

Always continue to the future and do not leave anything to anyone and the power to stop you in trying again.

5. Delegation

One of the hardest things for entrepreneurs to do is to delegate; I see myself in this, since I think nobody can manage my business better than me, so why should I do it?

The fact is that I’m probably right, but read well what I wrote: No one can MANAGE my business better than me. But if I am busy with commitments, who will make it GROW? Nobody.

The reasons why it is important to delegate are …

  1. There will be activities that you surely hate and make them do to someone else would make you happier;
  2. Delegating some tasks to others will ensure that they will be done AT THE BEST because maybe those activities are not your strengths;
  3. In this way you can focus on more important objectives, such as FAR GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

6. Treat people well

One of the most successful myths of the last twenty years is that he has to be more grumpy and rude as possible, but Richard Branson does not think so.

In fact, think that treating people miserably will only hinder your chances for success, as you will burn bridges with others by turning potential and precious relationships into smoke.

Of course, you will have to be tough sometimes, but there should not be an occasion where you will treat people with disdain, on the contrary, you will always have to treat them kindly for as long as you can and be cruel only if you have no other choice.

7. Shake the situation

When you’re going to create a new product or a new business, take a look at current situations and products and think about how you could improve them.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel: all you have to do is to make important changes to the products and activities that already exist!

In this way, you will not only create more profits, but you will be able to have your impact on the world, helping others in a new and positive way.

I do not think of work as a job and play as a game: it’s all part of life – Richard Branson

8. People will be skeptical

When you start practicing your ideas and proposing something new in business or entrepreneurship, many people will be skeptical and since 9 out of 10 companies fail in their first 5 years, it’s easy to understand why.

Many businesses do not have what it takes to succeed and the skeptics are simply taking note of these facts: often they are people who care about you and who want the best for you.

All you have to do is stay away from skepticism and continue to think concretely if you believe in the concept of your business or not: this is what matters.

9. Positively influence the lives of others

Richard Branson says, “When you create an activity, you create something that should influence the lives of others”, in fact, in the end, the business is nothing but a group of people who create products and services to improve the lives of others.

With this I do not mean that earnings are not important, but the basic concept is to make your company work to positively influence as many lives as possible.

10. Act in a different way

If you think about it, the reason Richard Branson is a successful businessman and a great investor is because he has done things differently than others.

And here, then, how the life of an entrepreneur or a successful person can be summarized:  they have acted differently for a long time.

Now go, act differently than you have done so far and bring your brand to the world!

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