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People who are planning to hire someone to help with their finances often wonder what are the top qualities to look for in an accountant. This is because we want to find someone who we get on with and who can supply a reliable and trusted service. It’s important to note that a certain amount of consideration should be given to these qualities. The basic things to consider here are: communication style, integrity and the way they conduct themselves in general. Whether you are looking for an accountant for business or personal finances, here are a few things that we might wish to take into consideration:

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Communication Style – An accountant’s communication style is usually their biggest asset when it comes to getting along with other people. Just remember that when you’re dealing with an accountant, every single figure that you have is going to be scrutinised. That being said, an accountant that can get along with others and communicate their work in a clear and concise way is one that will likely excel in this field.

Integrity – This is a trait that is commonly seen in the very best accountants. These are people that are honest and do everything ethically of course. When someone has integrity, then it shows itself in their mannerisms and their personal choices. So, if you’re dealing with an accountant that shies away from being honest or suggests dubious undertakings, then you might want to keep looking elsewhere. An honest and open accountant might be the one that you’re looking for. For a firm of Cheltenham accountants, go to

Attention to Detail – It might sound too basic, but the truth is, an accountant needs to be able to take care of their work in a professional manner. This means that he or she has to be attentive to details, even in the smallest details. For instance, it’s important to always stay on top of things and pay your tax bills on time. An accountant that doesn’t pay attention to detail will probably struggle to meet crucial deadlines, so if this is one of your own personal qualities, then it might be time to consider finding someone else.


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Hard Working – It’s fairly obvious that the accountant that works the most hours will be the one that’s going to make the most money. If you’re someone who likes a strong work ethic, then this will be a big deal for you. It’s important to know that an accountant can be reached at all times during the working week.

These are just some of the top qualities to look for in an accountant. Most of them are pretty obvious, but if you feel like there’s something else that you need in an accountant, shop around. There are also plenty of online forums where people can talk about their experiences with different accountants. Just remember that no matter how experienced you might be with handling your finances, there’s a lot to be said for having a professional deal with your finances instead.


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