What are the effects of Kratom?

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Kratom can be exhilarating

The kratom plant is a unique and peculiar, at low or moderate the effects usually are stimulatory doses, however, at high doses, the effects are sedation in most cases. This is because the active alkaloids of this plant have both stimulatory effects as sedatives. Find more info on kratom cabin.

As a stimulant: The mind is more alert, physical energy and, sometimes, sexual energy increases, the ability to do physical and monotonous work improves, it tends to be more talkative, friendly and sociable. Some people dislike this level to find something disturbing more than pleasant.

As a sedative – soothing – euphoric: it is in this dose less sensitive to physical or emotional pain, people are relaxed, with a general feeling of well – being and you can even enter in a pleasant feeling of numbness. You may feel some itching or sweating or the pupils made smaller. Sometimes you may feel nauseous, and then it is best to lie down and relax until the nausea go away. It is possible that the appreciation of music increases. It is very nice lying in bed on his back in a semi-dark room, eyes closed, and listens to your favorite music. If you do this, with a little luck you can enter the wonderful state of daydreaming, where you have one foot in dreamland and the other foot in the real world. This state was much appreciated by the romantic writers of the nineteenth century, which, not knowing kratom, resorted to opium to achieve it. The effects of kratom usually last about six hours. The higher the dose, the effects are stronger and longer lasting. Many people have reported having a “glow” positive the next day.

Kratom can be relaxing

What are the effects depending on the dose?

06.02 grams = mild effects (usually the effects are stimulant – type)

7 to 15 grams = media effects (the effects can be stimulating or sedative type – soothing – Euphoric)

16-25 grams = strong effects (sedative type – soothing – Euphoric; These effects may be too intense for sensitive people)

26-50 grams = very strong effects (sedative effects of type – soothing – euphoric too harsh for MOST PEOPLE)

Warning: These guidelines apply to kratom leaves (not extract). People are different in terms of tolerance kratom, and kratom power varies during the year (sometimes a lot), so these estimates should be considered as approximations. One should always start with a low dose to test a new batch of kratom and increase the dose gradually with subsequent experiments until the desired effects are obtained. Most people experience nausea when using doses above 25 grams. The most sensitive people may experience nausea at lower doses, but usually not less than 10 grams dose. For this reason, it is best to take Kratom on an empty when using higher doses (ie wait about 3 hours after eating) stomach. Some people are hypersensitive to kratom and may experience adverse reactions (such as severe or prolonged vomiting) when using strong doses.

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