What are the skills for public speaking?

Standing up and speaking to a large group of people is a daunting task. Some of us take to it easier than others. Whether it is addressing a crowd, giving the speech at a wedding or conducting an after dinner speech they all require the decent skills of the orator. One thing you do not have to worry about is theKeynote Speaker part. A visit to https://www.adventureman.org/conference-speaker/keynote-speaker/ will soon give you a perfect guest speaker but if you are thinking that you would like to know what is required then read on.

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Think of some of the greatest speakers in history and the speeches they have given. Think of actor Patrick Stewart as Macbeth and the command he has as he ploughs through one of Shakespeare’s finest soliloquies either on stage or screen. No matter what gender you are, if you can hold an audience then you can do anything. People like Martin Luther King knew this, think of his “I have a dream” speech and how it changed America. Think of Winston Churchill tell the House of Commons how we would fight them (the Nazi’s on the beaches) and even though he was basically describing a slow retreat. What did they have?

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  1. It is easy to say and not so easy to get. One technique that people use is to not be yourself. Some take on a persona, you can see that with Churchill he knew when to turn it on. It is the same with Dr King he “became” someone. Everyone gets nervous, even the best. You can increase your confidence by:
  • Prepare everything beforehand.
  • Breathe deeply to this allows your voice to carry
  • Direct your speech to the audience in front of you.
  • Find a common ground with them.
  • Practice it out loud and in the place you are going to give it if you can. Do it to an audience of friends first.
  1. Be aware of who the audience is. It is essential to understand the audience and how to pitch what you are saying to them. Move the focus of your speech onto one individual and then the next
  2. Start with an anecdote based on your experience, something you’ll know they share with you.
  3. Make sure that you have content that works for them. Don’t blind them with science or technical terms.
  4. Know what your main statements are and reinforce them.
  5. Try to keep away from reading for a sheet, using a Powerpoint is fine but it should be to compliment you not repeat at Memory is the key to make sure you know your key points.
  6. Walk the stage and use hand gestures to emphasis points.

It will all be ok.

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