What Is Road Wrap?

A car cover protects the exterior of your vehicle when it is at rest, but what about when it is in motion? While driving, a car cover is not an option for protecting your vehicle, and it may not be the right choice for towing either. Road Wrap Paint Protection is a clear film that you apply to your vehicle to provide temporary protection to the exterior.

What Are the Benefits of Road Wrap?

When you are taking your vehicle on a long trip, whether driving it or towing it, it is exposed to an onslaught of different types of road debris:

  • Insects
  • Chemicals
  • Tree sap
  • Gravel/rock chips
  • Dirt and grime

These materials can cause permanent damage to your vehicle body or paint job. There are protective products like car bras that provide good protection but are quite conspicuous. If you don’t like the way your vehicle looks in a car bra, Road Wrap is a good alternative because it is completely transparent. When it is applied, you can hardly tell that it is there.

Do car covers damage car paint? As long as the cover is of quality materials and the vehicle remains stationary, the answer is usually no. However, if you are towing the vehicle, the wind could potentially cause a car cover to flap in the breeze, especially if it is not custom fit. This could do more harm than good. Road Wrap has a water-based adhesive that sticks directly to the car body and will not damage the paint when it is removed.

Road Wrap can be cut to any desired size. The package includes a special cutting tool expressly for that purpose. This means that it can protect any not only any make and model of car but also any size vehicle you want, whether it be as large as an RV or as small as a motorcycle. The original design was intended for military vehicles used in combat. This indicates that it provides superior protection.

How Is Road Wrap Applied?

Road Wrap provides protection for your vehicle for up to seven days. It is easy to apply and to remove. Everything you need to apply Road Wrap is provided in the box. This includes two 50-foot rolls in six-inch and 12-inch widths. You simply roll it out and apply it directly to the front of the vehicle after first washing or dusting it. Use the included cutting tool to cut out vents to cool the engine and remove any loose corners that may flap in the breeze. There is also a felt applicator that looks like a small squeegee. You can use this to smooth out any air bubbles.

At the conclusion of your trip or after a week, whichever comes first, you can remove the Road Wrap by gently pulling it off. All the dirt and debris will come with it, leaving behind a clean and unblemished car exterior. There is enough Road Wrap in each kit to wrap the front of your vehicle up to three times, assuming that it is average-sized.

Find out more about Road Wrap and answers to related questions, such as how to take care of your car cover.

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