What material are you? The 5 most popular fabrics for wedding dresses

The materials with which wedding dresses are made today are many. But there are some that are certainly among the most popular! Today we reveal to you what they are and their different characteristics: knowing the main fabrics is, in fact, fundamental for choosing the right dress, since from the weave (and from the line) will depend on the “character” of the wedding dress and other elements of the looks, like shoes, hairstyle and bridal makeup .

Here are the 8 most used fabrics for wedding dresses.

1. Tulle: romantic and lightWhat material are you? The 5 most popular fabrics for wedding dresses

Tulle is one of the fabrics that most “represent” the wedding dress. Its fine weave together with its lightness. And transparency makes it the perfect fabric to make both bridal veils. But also particularly voluminous dresses with fluffy and wide skirts in modern princess style. It’s the perfect fabric for a, particularly romantic wedding!

2. Chiffon: the floating fabric for summer weddingsWhat material are you? The 5 most popular fabrics for wedding dresses

Another especially light material is chiffon. It can be born from different yarns, both from the precious silk and from other synthetic fabrics. Its delicacy and transparency are perfect for creating soft lines and glides and empire style wedding dresses. For its lightness, it is very suitable for summer weddings and for those seeking a natural and ethereal bridal look.

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3. Georgette crepe for an ultra-elegant look

In reality, the crepe is not a real fabric, but rather a particular type of yarn that comes from the processing of silk, wool or synthetic fibers, characterized by a wavy texture and a crinkled feel from which it takes its name (French crepe means “crepe”). There are several variations of this process, the most famous being the Georgette crêpe, with a fine and slightly fluffy texture, similar to chiffon: it is perfect for those looking for simple but very elegant wedding dresses.

4. Organza for sensual outfits

Organza, on the other hand, is a type of fabric that can also be made from silk, but it is easier to find cotton. Organza is a very sensual fabric, slightly transparent and light like chiffon but characterized by more rigidity, a property that gives it volume but no weight. Its streamers are white or with pearly nuances and it is perfect for creating dresses with very romantic lines …

5. Taffeta for classic wedding dresses and gifts

If, on the other hand, you like full-bodied dresses, taffeta is the right fabric to make your dress. Produced from the marvelous silk, it has a very rigid and dense structure, visually shiny and very smooth to the touch, in short, perfect for the classic wedding dress with a princely allure.

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