Why you need cold room shelving in your business

One of the most important pieces of storage equipment that those within the food industry will invest in is undoubtedly a refrigeration unit.

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These days many caterers and retailers are opting to use commercial cold rooms rather than traditional fridges or freezers. An article in Green Cooling suggests that the benefits of a cold room include increased space, lower cost and better energy efficiency. Cold room shelving can also be purchased at an extreme level suitable for huge retailers such as supermarkets to store large volumes of chilled foods. But what are the other benefits of investing in this sort of cold room shelving?

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Avoid cross contamination

One of the best things about a cold room is the increased shelving space that allows for a better organisational system than a normal fridge or freezer. This won’t just help you to maintain an efficient layout but it also reduces the risk of cross contamination which is caused when bacteria from certain foods (mostly meat) is transferred onto other food products.

Mobility and construction

Cold room shelving is very easy to construct and many units come with wheels attached to the bottom making them easily mobile. Moving shelves around to suit your needs is far easier than having to re-arrange all of your stock. Many modern shelving units are also height adjustable which makes customisation to your needs even more achievable,

Maximise storage

A cold room is generally a lot larger than a fridge or freezer and this additional space comes with a number of cost-effective benefits. It means that you can order food in bulk to store, which usually means you will get a cheaper deal. Running one large system is also often a lot more cost-effective than running several smaller units in terms of energy and repair costs.

Large establishments such as major hotels, restaurants and supermarkets often have little choice but to install a commercial cold room (https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/cold-rooms/integrated-cold-rooms) but even smaller businesses may learn to appreciate the space and money saving benefits that they can offer.

Easy to clean and maintain

Spillages and mess can easily occur with so much perishable food present. Thankfully, cold room shelving is often made of very easy-to-clean material such as stainless steel. This durable material is also resistant to the extreme temperatures of a cold room.


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