15 window grill design that will highlight the facade of your house

Just as they say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, the window grill design  in a house are the element that takes us through the interior of the house, revealing its essence to us. This is why windows are considered as the eyes of the house, which transmit the personality. And character of the house through its transparency, making it look fantastic and giving it originality. In this book of ideas, we are going to present you 15 windows  grill design, by our  professionals. We are sure will inspire you to change the main facade of your house. Come and meet them.

That they adapt to the window grill design

 the window grill design


This window gives a great personality to the house. Following the shape of its roofs, adapting to the design of the residence, giving a very original touch to the architectural composition of it.

Arch windows

The arched windows are ideal to give a classic and elegant style to the house. Since this type of elements in the architectural composition of the facade are typical of this type of design. Making the residence look much more distinguished.

A classic style

The window grill design of this house have a classic style, painted in an elegant white color that combines perfectly with the brick of the walls. And a grid design that gives it a lot of personality.

Curved windows

These original windows follow the organic form of the rounded corners of this peculiar house. The design responds to both the shape of the structure of the residence. And the orientation of the facade itself, allowing the house to have excellent natural lighting.

Colonial windows

the window grill design

These beautiful colonial-style window grill design transport us to a time. When life was simpler, with its elegant wood frames and wrought iron grille.

Symmetrical design

The layout of the windows of this facade, are in symmetrical shape, perfectly distributing light. And natural ventilation that enters the house, making it look simply great.


These window grill design have a very original and peculiar design. Since they rotate on their own axis to be able to open. Making it possible to direct the ventilation that enters through them into the interior of the house. A unique idea that surely causes an impact on who sees them.


Why not add a touch of color to the windows and make the design of the house more fun? These beautiful wooden windows in yellow.  Give a lot of personality and a touch of ease and relaxation to this small and curious little house.

Rustic beauty

top window grill design

These large  wooden windows , which combine perfectly with the stone and apparent brick of the house. Give a rustic and rural touch to the architectural composition. Due to their large size, they allow the bucolic landscape that surrounds the residence to be fully integrated into the interior design.

Crystals of colors

One way to highlight the personality of a house, is applying colored crystals in their window grill design. Like stained glass, which creates an effect both in the visual exterior.  And in the interior of the house, to penetrate the light by them and form a set of colors inside the residence.

Minimalist design

It seems that these windows are randomly arranged, but this is not the case, they respond to the design of the floor and interior spaces that the house has, with a minimalist but functional style.

Large size

discover window grill design

This large window of the main facade, allows a connection to be created with the environment that surrounds the house, making both environments, both inside and outside, join and be in constant communication. Let’s not forget the large amount of natural light that enters thanks to the large size of this window grill design .

Modern to the top

The dye of these beautiful modern windows, create a minimalist facade, very contemporary with its white color gives a great presence in the environment in which it is located. The design of the window is simple, large and gives a very personal touch to this beautiful house.

Letting the landscape enter

The windows that go from floor to ceiling in a main facade, allow nature to become an integral part of the interior design of the house, being able to open according to the preference of its residents, to enjoy the open air inside the home.

Pretty and elegant

these small window grill design that flank the main access door in the front of the house, have the same arch design, which gives a classic and elegant touch to the visual of this distinguished residence.

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