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Cardio exercises at home to maintain your figure

Many people think that the only way to exercise is to attend a gym, use a device or take personalized classes. The reality is that you can do it anywhere, even in the comfort of your room. We leave you a list so that in just 20 minutes you can practice some cardio exercises at home and take care of your figure even on these dates.

Best cardio exercises at home to maintain your figure

GriddleCardio exercises at home

It is an exercise where only your own body weight is used. The abdominal muscles, arms, and legs are worked. To do this, place your forearms on the floor parallel and put your body in a plank position. You have to keep your legs and back in a straight line and your head slightly tilted. Hold as long as you can repeatedly and you will immediately feel how your muscles work.

Jump squatCardio exercises at home

The main muscles that will be exercised are the legs and glutes. Place your feet open at shoulder height, bend your knees, squat down and jump up. It is important to keep your back straight and your hip back to avoid injury.

Jumping JacksCardio exercises at home

It looks simple but it is very effective. You have to stand up, jump and spread your legs while clapping your hands on your head. Then you have to jump back and join the legs. To achieve a good result it is recommended to practice it for a few minutes, stop and repeat.

Mountain climbersCardio exercises at home

It is known as the climbing exercise. It is recommended to start slowly and increase speed when possible. The arms must always be at shoulder level and you will have to push yourself with your knees. Back posture is very important for it to be effective.

BurpeesCardio exercises at home

It is a very complete exercise where you work legs, arms, abdomen, and back. You start standing up, you bend down, you drop to the ground folding your arms and then stand up and stand up again. You have to repeat and repeat until you start to sweat.

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