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How to decorate cardboard box crafts

An online order, a move, a shoe box … there are many boxes that pass through your hands throughout the year. It is normal to throw them into the recycling bin, but there is another solution: decorate these cardboard boxes to use them. We share how to decorate cardboard box crafts.

A box of this material is more resistant than it seems and with a few arrangements can be transformed into a decorative element. You do not need to invest a lot of time and money, with one afternoon and materials that you have at home is enough.

Decorate cardboard box crafts

Decorate shoe boxescardboard box crafts

The shoe boxes have the advantage that they have a cover that fits perfectly. To reuse them, try painting them and placing a piece of leather on the lid. With this, it will be enough!

Decorate cardboard boxescardboard box crafts

Many more boxes will come into your house beside the shoe boxes. The normal thing is that they do not have a lid, but wonderful results can be obtained.

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The rope will serve to decorate any box you want. Combining it with a piece of cloth you will have enough.

It will serve as storage for the living room, the bedroom, and even the bathroom. Use glue to leave everything well fixed.

In this example, we see how well it is in a few boxes of tissues. Ideal for storing small items at home.


In stores, they sell infinity of fabrics with different prints. Find one that you like and stick it to the outside of the cardboard box.

It also serves a blanket that you have at home and do not use. Try some pieces of rope to create handles that complement the design.

The handles leather are a resource that will be great in any box you decorate.

They do not always have to be large boxes: choose low boxes or cut out part of them. With this, you will get storage trays.

They also serve the document boxes. They are big and strong and will serve you to keep everything you need.

Painted paper

With the fabric, you can get any pattern, but the wallpaper will also help. In this case, paper with a wooden appearance has been used and the result is more than satisfactory. It important element to decorate cardboard box crafts.


Jute is a very simple fabric, but if you paint it you will create a good contrast.

What do you think of these ideas? It never hurts to have a storage box in which to store everything we have loose. You can put blankets, books, tools, games … whatever you can think of!

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