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Can you repair a crochet blanket?

Sometimes our well-loved crochet items have seen better days, but this doesn’t mean they become unusable. Repairing a crochet blanket is a practical and cost-effective way to breathe new life into a much-cherished item.
In a report by the Craft Yarn Council, crocheters were asked for the top three most important reasons why they crochet. 65% stated that it provides a creative outlet, 51% of those surveyed said that they enjoy making things for others and 44% said that it was due to the overall sense of accomplishment.

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Follow our guide, and in a few simple steps, a cherished family favourite can soon become a beloved crochet blanket once more.

How to repair a blanket

Make sure you have all the necessary tools including crochet hooks in the correct size and a yarn needle. Find yarn that matches the original colours. The closer the resemblance of the colour, the more seamless the repair will look.

The first step in repairing a crochet blanket is to assess the damage. Identify the areas where the stitches have unravelled or come undone.

Then carefully unravel the damaged section until you reach a point where the stitches are intact. This provides a clean starting point for your repair.

Follow the original pattern, matching the stitches and working with the new yarn to recreate the design. Tuck any loose ends into the design to give it a flawless appearance.

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Crochet blanket kits

Crochet blanket kits are a great way to restore an old favourite blanket. Complete with everything you need, crochet blanket kits can be used to get you started. Yarn from the old blanket can be incorporated into the design, enabling favourite patterns and colours to be given a new lease of life. If you are looking for crochet blanket kits, explore crochet blanket kits from Wool Couture or other specialist sites where you will find lots of different kits available.

If you have an old favourite crochet blanket that needs fixing, in just a few simple steps you can easily extend its life and preserve its sentimental value.

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