How to make dye in minecraft?

There are a wide variety of colors that you can use in a world build like Minecraft, but many users don’t know how to make or get the dyes. You will be surprised to know that the vast majority is obtained from natural resources such as squid, bones or simply flowers. In this article, you will find a list of all the colors and a detailed explanation of how you can obtain them in said game.

In this sense, you will be interested to know that primary dyes are those that are obtained naturally, while secondary dyes are those that you must manufacture by mixing materials. As additional information, the different uses that you can give to dyes will be presented to change the color of different other objects in Minecraft. With this guide, you will see that the procedure is quite simple and you will be able to get the most out of the materials in the game.

How to make dye in minecraft

How to make dye in Minecraft?

The primary colors are all those that will be obtained from natural resources within the game, for example, a flower or a cactus. You can find among them the color blue, red, yellow, light blue, orange, green, white, pink, black, magenta, light gray and brown. To make the primary dyes, you just have to do the following:

  • Blue: To obtain it, “lapis lazuli ores” are chopped. Each square of this material will give you between 4 and 8 tint powders.
  • Yellow: To get this color, you must get “dandelions” or “sunflowers,” then you will have to place the material on a “crafting table.” Each flower will give 1 yellow dye and can be accumulated up to 64 in the same square.
  • Red: Obtained by placing a “poppy”, a “rose”, or a “red tulip” on the crafting table.
  • Green: You will need to have a “cactus” and then process it in the “furnace.” This will give you 1 dye for every resource you burn in the furnace.
  • Orange: This color is made by placing an “orange tulip” on the crafting table or if you have red and yellow dyes, you can combine them and form an “orange dye.”
  • Light blue: Crafted by using a “blue orchid” on the crafting table. Another way to get this dye is by mixing lapis lazuli with bone powder.
  • White: You will need to have “bones” and use them on the crafting table. This will result in one “bone dust” for each bone used.
  • Black: For this dye, you will need to get ink sacs. You can get these by killing “squid, “of which you can get from 0 to 3 sacks per squid. Also, they can be found on utility poles in villages. On the pocket edition, you are in creative mode.
  • Magenta: If you want to create this dye, you must have a “lavender” or an “allium” flower and place either of these on the crafting table. An alternative way to get this color is by combining purple and pink tints.
  • Brown: With the “cacao” fruits on trees in the jungle biome or by finding the dye in the dungeons. In the pocket version, it can be obtained in creative mode.
  • Light gray: There are three plants with which you can acquire this color, the first is an “azure bluet, “the second flower is the “white tulip,” and the third is the “daisy. ” Also, you can get it by combining the bone powder with gray dye or an ink sack with 2 units of bone powder.
  • Pink: Creating this dye is simple. You only need a “peony” or a “pink tulip”, place any of these plants on the crafting table and you will get one unit of dye for each flower you place.

Secondary colors

These are dyes that cannot be obtained through natural resources but are manufactured artificially by combining different materials. Some of these secondary colors are cyan, purple-gray and lime green. To create any of these dyes, you must make the mixtures shown in the following list:

  • Grey: It is made by combining an “ink sack” with the “bone dust.”
  • Lime green: To get it, you must merge the “green dye” with “bone powder.”
  • Cyan: It is obtained by mixing the “green dye” and the “lapis lazuli” powder.
  • Purple: If you want to obtain this color, you will have to combine the “red dye” with a “lapis lazuli.”

Different uses

Dyes have many uses and utilities within the world of Minecraft, from customizing armor with your favorite colors to create different colored banners or building blocks. The different ways in which you can use the dyes are the following:


One of the main functions of the dyes is to change the color of the wool blocks, which are very used for the construction area in this game. For this, you need to have the dye of the color you want and mix it with a block of wool using a crafting table.


This game allows you to change the color of different animals or customize them in some way, thanks to dyes. One of the best examples is sheep, as you can change their wool to any color you have available by using the dye on it. The advantage of applying another color is that it will start to give the material “wool” directly from the color that has been applied.

Alternatively, dyes can be used on other animals, such as tame wolves. However, instead of coloring their entire fur, it will change the color of the collar (the default is red). This is used, for example, to identify a pet or a specific group of wolves.


In the case of armor, you can only change the color of leather armor by using any dye next to the piece of clothing at a crafting table. On the other hand, you will be able to make various color combinations for each part of the armor since there are more than 12 million color combinations in Minecraft.

Another way to paint leather armor is by using a cauldron, this object is filled with water and then the desired color dye is applied. Once you have the cauldron with the painted water, you only have to use each piece of armor with it until you have all the colored parts. Additionally, cauldrons can wash away dye applied to armor and remove its color. This occurs when a piece is used in a cauldron of clean water.

Finally, horse armor made of leather can also be dyed using dyes. Simply place the piece next to the desired color on a crafting table and you will get horse armor of a specific color. You should know that it will not be possible to dye horse armor with some other material.


One of the best ways to decorate a place in Minecraft is by adding colored crystals to the houses or structures that you build within this game. To create this decoration, you must place eight glass blocks and in the middle the dye you want to apply. All this procedure is done on a manufacturing table.


These hardened clay blocks can also be modified by dyes to change their color. The procedure is the same as with the glass. You will need to place eight terracottas in the outer squares on the work table, along with the dye of the color that you prefer in the middle of the blocks.


To change the color of the fireworks, you must mix the dye of your choice with a unit of gunpowder. This will result in a “fireworks star” of the desired color. Different dyes can be mixed with gunpowder to obtain a unique color combination when launching the firework. More units of gunpowder can also be used to change the height of the explosion, which can be levels 1, 2 and 3.

As you can see, it is not very complicated to get dyes in Minecraft. Now that you know where to look for them, you can easily obtain them from natural resources or make them if they are secondary. In addition, you can use them in different ways to customize the color of objects in the game.

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