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10 Tips To Have A Brilliant Career

Prohibited to be lazy, listless or too helpful. Never do the spy, show lack of confidence in their abilities and threaten (empty) the resignation. These are just some of the behaviors to banish in the presence of their boss for those who aim for a brilliant career. At least according to Hays Response consultants, the division of the Hays group dedicated to the selection of junior profiles, which have drafted the 10 attitudes to avoid in the office in front of their superior.

“Stress and tight rhythms increasingly characterize the working life of professionals. The constant pressures, fatigue and anxiety – explains Fabio Scarcella, Head of Hays Response division – can lead workers to let go, by saying unhappy phrases or by adopting counterproductive attitudes in front of their manager. For those who aspire to a successful career, it is necessary to always maintain a certain aplomb, facing with calm and unexpected balance and deadlines. Because a sentence with the wrong tone or a reaction dictated by the heat of the moment could damage us more than you think, drastically reducing the chances of reaching top business positions”.

What, then, are the attitudes that you absolutely must avoid in the presence of your boss? Here are the 10 mistakes in which you do not fall according to the Hays Response experts …

Brilliant Career

1- “It is not my responsibility”

The companies, prefer flexible professional figures who are able to give their best in every situation. Demonstrating unwillingness to apply in activities different from those usually practiced can be interpreted as a symptom of laziness, indifference and carelessness.

2- “I do not feel able to do it”

The fear of not being able to complete the request of a superior is not synonymous of modesty and sincerity, but of insecurity and lack of reliability. A boss must be sure that he can always count on an employee when there are goals to be achieved or deadlines to be met.

3- “I would rather not work with that colleague”

Teamwork is important, especially when it comes to creative activities where brain storming can make a difference. It is always necessary to show oneself willing to work in a team, even if it means dealing with colleagues with whom one has a poor feeling: it is no accident that patience is considered the virtue of the strong.

4- “This activity is useless”

If the superior assigns a particularly boring task, it does not mean that it is automatically useless. It is always necessary to carry out the task with dedication: it is therefore essential to complete any activity, even the most tedious, with commitment and responsibility.

5- “It’s not my fault”

If the boss is raging for a mistake, admitting his mistakes without unnecessary justification is certainly the best solution to give a sign of maturity and security. To blame the offending colleague instead, indicates a childish and not serious behavior. After all, you learn by doing it wrong.

Brilliant Career

6- “If we have always done so, why change?”

Habits and lovers of routine must take into account that changes do not necessarily lead to problems or problems, but also improvements. Receiving new work with optimism is definitely the best move. And if after some time you realize that these do not bring any benefit, it is better to talk about it with your own boss, formulating criticisms and suggestions in a constructive way.

7- “There is no solution”

Banning negative and catastrophic attitudes is an imperative for those who want to make a career. Supercritical and overly negative subjects are never appreciated by the board, while an aptitude for problem solving is the key to conquer boss and colleagues. Never give up in the face of difficulties: you must always try to get the best out of even the most intricate and difficult situations.

8- “In the end I’m always the one who has to do the hardest work”

Victimism is never justifiable. Who really has the stuff of the leader gives his best when he is faced with a period of super work or when a problem occurs that seems insurmountable to others. Yes, therefore, to those who roll up their sleeves and deal with dedication and pragmatism new work challenges, no to those who do nothing but cry on themselves.

9- “I’m leaving!”

Threats of wanting to leave the company at any moment is counterproductive behavior. The sentence, sometimes said lightly but insistently, could make the manager lose confidence. Furthermore, the risk is to appear childish and unable to solve problems.

10- “You’re always right”

To prove too accommodating and flattering towards a superior inevitably leads to two big risks: to become bosses of the head and ruin the relationship with colleagues. It is good to show your esteem, but never exaggerate. Virtue lies in the middle.

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