6 Tips For Creating Impressive Business Cards

Business cards help to create a good impression about a business. Businesses want to attract more customers, and business cards enable them to do it. Business cards are the best way to introduce a business to clients. They make a quick impression about the company in the minds of potential customers. The first impression about a company should be good, and business cards help create it. They are helpful when meeting with clients, attending events and participating in trade shows. Many print companies offer quick business card printing services to meet the urgent needs of clients. Most of them provide several customisable templates, and customers can choose one according to their requirements.

Choose the right shape.

Almost every business has a card, and generally, they are rectangular. But, business cards are created in all shapes. The shape of the card depends on the information businesses want to share through the card. Unusual shapes may look attractive. However, they are challenging to carry and not favoured in formal industries.

Choose the correct size and colour.

The colour of the business card makes a substantial impact on people. Therefore, colour plays a significant role in designing a business card. A card should not have more than two or three colours, and the colours must match the brand’s personality. Every country has a specific size for the business card, but enterprises can choose any size. Most business cards are the same size as credit cards, so they can fit well into a wallet.

Add a logo

Most brands have a logo. The logo is to be printed on the business card because it is the graphical representation of the brand. However, the logo design must be simple and attractive. Even when people misplace the card, they will remember the logo on the business card. Adding a logo and graphics helps the card to stand out from others.

Include important information

Different types of businesses print various kinds of information on the business card. It depends on the information they want to communicate to the world. Generally, all business cards have a name, contact number, address, logo and a brand slogan.

Choose the right typography.

Only the right typography can make a business card look attractive. It impacts the way people react to the card. Choosing the right typography is challenging and becomes more manageable when people understand font pairing well. Fonts should help people read the content easily.

Choose a suitable material.

A good quality material needs to be chosen to print business cards. Clients notice the card material and judge the company. Moreover, the material must be relevant to the brand’s personality. Most business cards are printed on paper, and a few are made of plastic. Some try to print it on wood or metal, but the goal of the card is to make it easy to carry and create a good impression.

Special finishes

Embossing: Embossing is a technique that creates 3D elements on the business card. Usually, people use this technique to highlight the logo design.

Letterpress: Letterpress is also known as debossing. It is the oldest form of printing where pressure is used to put the artwork on paper. An inked surface is pressed on a paper to leave an impression, similar to a rubber stamp.

Foil stamping: This technique is similar to letterpress, but a metal foil is used instead of ink. It is done to highlight the text.

Spot UV and varnishing: A varnish coat is applied to protect the card. It improves the look and texture of the design. Spot UV enhances particular areas of the card and makes it look shinier.

Quick business card printing techniques help people to be ready with a card for upcoming events and meetings. A business card tells a lot about a company. All businesses need one to stand apart from their competitors.

Sylvia James

Sylvia James is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.

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