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8 effective ways to overcome jet lag

We can avoid or minimize the effects of jet lag if we know how to deal with it. n this article we share how to overcome jet lag.

Today we are lucky to travel anywhere in the world in a matter of hours. It would have been impossible to think that this could be a reality before the invention of aviation, as it would have been to think about a temporary affectation of sleep like jet lag.

Jet lag is an internal imbalance that can manifest itself when a person performs long-haul flights. It is generally considered that it can begin to occur when crossing more than three time zones, altering the normal rhythms of the internal biological clock. In this article, we will see different effective ways to combat and overcome jet lag when traveling by plane.

8 ways to prevent and recover from the symptoms produced by jet lag

The jet lag that can be suffered in long-distance flights can give an undesirable symptomatology in our body. Having to adapt to a new time zone can lead to sleep disturbances, but also irritability, nausea or even a headache and upset stomach.

Whether traveling for work or pleasure, the truth is that the symptoms produced by jet lag are very inconvenient. Therefore, it is interesting to do everything possible to reduce or avoid the effects of jet lag on our health and quality of life. Fortunately, there are a number of tips to combat and overcome the effects of jet lag.

Effective ways to overcome jet lag

1. Start changing our schedule before the tripovercome jet lag

A good strategy to avoid suffering so much jet lag is to prepare ourselves before embarking on the trip, beyond packing. Organizing our new schedules in advance can lead to a much better adaptation. It will help you to overcome jet lag.

For example, we can start to change meal times and sleep times little by little. Once arriving at the destination only two or three hours can be the key to an effective adaptation from the first day.

2. Change the “chip” of the schedule just after departureovercome jet lag

Change the time of our clock with the destination immediately after the plane that is taking off is a great idea. Start thinking about the new schedule before arriving is very positive to adapt and anticipate our behavior.

For example, if we see that the day will be long, our mind will have more predisposition to sleep and rest on the plane than if we had not visualized it.

3. Adjust the new schedules little by littleovercome jet lag

Once arrived at our destination, it is recommended to readjust the schedule a little each day instead of doing it all at once. Minimizing change by adapting our schedule one hour each day can help make jet lag less hard. By the way, it is relevant to note that if we travel to the west, according to sunlight, the change will be minimal. Flying to the east is when the effects of jet lag worsen, making it more necessary to combat the effects of jet lag. It is an effective way to overcome jet lag.

4. Take what is necessary to sleep on the planeovercome jet lag

We recommend preparing some accessories to help you fall asleep in case it is desired. If you have trouble sleeping in a place like a plane, wearing earplugs, an eye mask and a cervical pillow can be a great idea.

Other ideas can be something to cover us and not catch a cold, such as a light blanket or sweatshirt, or socks to keep feet warm. There are long-distance flight companies that are already offering accessories of this type.

5. Hydrate wellovercome jet lag

All it takes to make a plane trip sometimes makes us forget something as basic as hydration, and once on the plane we do not want to pay high prices.

Drinking water regularly is essential for our health, and that dehydration can worsen the symptoms of jet lag. In addition, the air conditioning of the airplane tends to accelerate our dehydration.

It is recommended to drink water before, during, and after the trip, reducing to the maximum coffees, soft drinks, and alcohol.

6. Eat well and lightovercome jet lag

In times of demand for our body, we must help with easy digestions and quality. So that our body can focus on recovering and refining, eating light and healthy will be of great help. And it is an effective way to overcome jet lag.

Eating at the hour, trying to adapt as soon as possible to the new schedules, will be of great help as opposed to chopping between hours.

7. Go organized so as not to stress our body too much

On a plane trip, we are exposed to stimuli that put our body under pressure. A flight involves certain stressors, sometimes unavoidable, such as the inhalation of volatile substances from fuels or exposure to radiation.

On the other hand, last-minute incidents at the airport or on the highway can generate stress. To respect our health to the maximum, it is appropriate to organize the schedules to avoid surprises and anticipate them.

Feeling anxious for fear of not being able to catch the plane can make our recovery after a jet lag longer and more difficult.

8. Let our body recomposeovercome jet lag

When you reach your destination do not demand much activity to your body and your mind. Instead of arriving and going directly to work meetings or to practice some kind of demanding activity. Relax in your house or accommodation and recompose to start the next day as new.  It is an effective way to overcome jet lag.

A warm bath, a light dinner or even a message to relax the muscles and calm the nerves is a great help. The lymphatic system, the hormonal system, the nervous system, and the immune system will thank you.

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