A Beginner’s Guide on Choosing the Right Sealy Mattress

Sealy has been a top-leading company in the mattress sector for over sixty years. Its Posturepedic mattresses are long-lasting and feature award-winning style which supports a good night’s sleep. Its Posturepedic memory foam and cooling technology create a pleasant and enjoyable place to sleep.

Nonetheless, simply buying a heavily-discounted Sealy mattress from a Sealy mattress sale may not be enough. Users have to consider several factors when choosing a mattress. Here is a useful buying guide to help you pick the perfect Sealy mattress.

Choosing a Sealy mattress based on types

Sealy offers several types of mattresses with affordable prices, especially during a Sealy mattress sale. Each features a different technology and offers a variety of sleep feel. The following are the two common types of Sealy mattresses:

  • Innerspring mattress: These mattresses are created with the use of coil springs and organised in a systematised way to create the mattress’ core. A mixture of specially chosen comfort layers plus premium natural elements are placed on top of the spring unit to provide pressure relief and conformance.
  • Foam mattress: The Sealy Optimum mattresses are designed with advanced elements and feature a distinct combination of exclusive visco-elastic foams to form the ultimate in pressure relief and comfort.

The Sealy innerspring mattresses offer various advantages, which include:

  • Provide a good support system which has been created with sleep scientists and orthopedic to cradle the body properly, reduce muscle tension and adjust the body to its natural position.
  • Provide better air circulation for a more comfortable and healthier sleeping experience.
  • Comes with a durable structure which gives years of performance on an ongoing basis.

On the other hand, the Sealy foam mattresses give the following benefits:

  • Help improve circulation with pressure-easing layers that outline to the body
  • Deliver a higher level of comforting support with firmer foam layers
  • Decreased motion transfer

Choosing a Sealy mattress based on comfort levels

Another key factor users should keep in mind when choosing a Sealy mattress is its comfort level. Its comfort levels vary from extra firm to super soft. Hence, users should find their comfort preference level first before buying the mattress.

Below are some guidelines on the mattresses’ ranges of comfort level:

  • Ultra-plush: Surface gives a very soft feeling
  • Plush: Firmer than the ultra-plush but not as firm as the medium or cushion firm
  • Medium or cushion firm: Softer than firm but firmer than the plush
  • Firm: Gives a firm sleeping surface
  • Extra-firm: The firmest option of comfort levels

Choosing a Sealy mattress based on sleeping position

Some mattresses are great for people with certain sleeping positions. Users may use the following guideline to pick the right Sealy mattress based on their sleeping positions:

  • Front sleeper: Front sleepers should find a more solid comfort layer that offers a good  support system to ensure their spine is in correct alignment throughout the night. A mattress, which is too soft, may result in back and lower neck pain since the body will curve heavily in such a surface.
  • Side sleeper: Mattresses with a softer and lighter comfort level are best for side sleepers since they allow the hips and shoulders to sink into the bed than the rest of the body.
  • Back sleeper: Back sleeper should look for mattresses with a medium comfort level that is not too soft or hard.


While the best quality Sealy mattresses may not necessarily be cheap, it does not mean you have to spend a fortune to get the right mattress either. The most important things are to pick a mattress which supports your body well and allow you to sleep the entire night comfortably. Also, consider the available mattresses types and your sleeping position.

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