TV programs that came to an abrupt end

Have you ever been in the situation where you start to watch a tv series, you really get into it and start to look forward to its culmination only for the series to be cancelled before the end. You’re left feeling adrift with no closure and the sense of wondering what might have been. You might have even had a TV aerial installation Bristol based expert like aerial-installations-bristol.co.uk to make sure that the image is perfect for it. Sadly, it seems to be a bit of a trend with television executives to simply drop a program if there is a slight dip in the viewing figures. There seems to be no thought involved for those emotionally attached to the show. The clamor on social media when it is cancelled is huge. Which shows are considered to have been ended before their time?

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  1. Mork and Mindy. It was the show that catapulted Robin Williams to mega-stardom and made a household name for actress Pam Dawber. A spin-off from Happy Days, the show centred around the adventures of alien Mork sent to investigate earth and his friend Mindy who takes him in. Eventually, they become boyfriend and girlfriend and get married. The show was going to go down a time-travelling route with Mork and Mindy meeting with historical figures. Instead, it ended with Mork explaining why their marriage worked.
  2. Lois and Clark. A Superman story that focused on the relationship between the son of Jor-El and the feisty independent news reporter rather than just him flying around and saving people. All was set up ready for a final season of them raising a child together.

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  1. Heroes. Started strongly, made a star of Zachary Quinto and gave a good exposure to the abilities of Milo Ventimiglia after his Gilmore Girls stint but the series began to tail off. By series 4 the show was cancelled but left the fans on a massive cliffhanger. The team had kept their powers secret. That was blown apart by Claire demonstrating her skills in a very public way.
  2. Blakes 7. This still hurts and the show ended in 1981! An army of loyal fans have debated the ending and demanded a reboot or a new series. It centres around 7 characters (2 of whom were computers) and their attempts to defeat and avoid a malevolent government force called The Federation. The cast is all killed at the end, or are they…

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