The Hobby that’s Fun, Therapeutic and Good for Mental Well-Being

Doctors, Therapists and Mental Health Practitioners have all confirmed that Knitting is good for general Well-Being, that it’s Therapeutic, stimulates the mind, encourages nimble fingers, increases dexterity and is great fun.  Often recommended as a relaxing past-time or hobby to take part in, patients are often encouraged to start or continue using knitting needles to create simple, soft, woollen toys or clothes. If you have never tried this creative art form before, then the best way to start is by purchasing a complete Knitting Starter Kit.  Containing a straight-forwards and relatively simple pattern, a pair of quality bamboo knitting needles, several balls of coloured wool and a darning needle to sew up your finished article, these kits are an excellent starting point.

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Even if you are a confident Crafter, if you are feeling slightly anxious or a little overwhelmed a simple knitting pattern with all the essential items you require to get started on something new, could be just the tonic you need to start feeling more positive again.

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Joining a local knitting club where a variety of people get together, chat, have fun, relax and enjoy quality knitting time together could be the best way to not only improve your Mental Health but gain new friends also.  These Knit and Natter get-togethers are a great way of getting out of the house, taking part in a fun, creative activity and using your hands, fingers and mind.

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