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Making your home your own is something that can be done by decorating. Home decorating helps us to create the space that makes us feel happy and comfortable – whether you like a simple and stylish look or prefer to use bright and bold colours, when it comes to creating a space of your own, here are some of the things that can make it truly unique to you…

Paint or Paper – When it comes to wall coverings, both paint and wallpaper have pros and cons so when it comes to choosing the style of the room that you want it is worth looking into both. Paper gives you those patterns and designs that can make the room uniquely your own, and there are so many to choose from now, from classic designs to intricate wall murals.

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Something that many people do is mix the two, using paper to create a feature wall, and paint in a complementary colour. However, paint alone also can work well, you can choose to use different shades and tones, which works well to add interest in a larger room, or why not give colour drenching a go, covering the whole room, including the ceilings and skirting boards in one colour.

Furniture – The furniture that you choose not only needs to be practical and suited to the size and shape of the room, but also match the style of the room. When choosing furniture, try to look at the different styles of furniture, from modern to vintage and find the ones that suit the style of your room, so it doesn’t look out of place or at odds with the rest of the space.

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Soft Furnishings – Your soft furnishings can do a lot to make the room feel more inviting and personal to you. Curtains are a big part of a room for example – not only do they have a practical purpose, but they also add colour and style to the room. Getting curtains that are made to fit your window by someone like this curtain makers London based company is the best option, as that way you get a wider choice of colours and styles as well as curtains that look right with the window, especially if it is a large feature of the room or a more unusual shape.

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