Give your marquee party real impact with these Styling tips

When you are considering venues for a special party a marquee could be the perfect setting. Don’t be deterred by their utilitarian look, as they are easy to style in any number of ways.

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Whatever kind of theme you have in mind, or type of occasion you are looking to celebrate, most marquees can be dressed to look the part.  Adapt it as you like because its normally made of a certain type of material which allows lots of light in through the Fabric Roof Structure.  A company that does temporary or permanent buildings with fabric is  spatialstructures who have specialists that can talk you through your individual needs. Take a look at these styling tips to get an idea of just what is possible in terms of glamming up any basic marquee into an amazing venue everyone talks about for ages afterwards.

Start at the bottom

In the past marquees tended to be put up on grass, with nothing laid down to create a flat surface, or to protect a guest’s shoes from sinking into soft earth. These days some come with a floor as standard, but it is also possible to add fake grass (which is dry and strong), carpet, or a variety of other floor coverings to add both style and comfort, as well as enhancing the chosen design theme.

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Light up with lanterns

Pretty lanterns, (with battery operated candles for safety if you prefer), tied to the outside of the marquee provide both light and a touch of romantic glamour to your event – https://www.weddingideasmag.com/9-super-styling-tips-to-give-your-marquee-maximum-impact/. This decorative idea could be carried into the interior of the marquee if you like, with more lanterns on tables or around the entrance. Adding flares, fairylights and anything else that you think is fitting to the indoor space will add to the cosy, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Look to the sky

Many marquees have high ceilings, which can affect the acoustics, heating and the way light is diffused. The easiest way to overcome these potential issues is to erect a false ceiling. Voile is an affordable fabric which can be used to create a tenting effect. If that is impractical, try creating a few tall displays of flowers, or other decorations, as these draw the eye away from the ceiling height quite naturally.

It’s always advisable to book through a company which can offer advice as needed.
From weddings and birthdays, to retirement or anniversary parties, a nicely styled marquee will make it a party to remember.

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