Great Ideas for Egyptian Tattoos

Egyptian tattoos are very interesting. They have a delicate and harmonious aesthetic and deep meaning. The rich Egyptian mythology has given rise to many symbols often chosen for Egyptian tattoos, both in men and women.

Let’s see which are the most popular Egyptian tattoos, their meaning and some images with examples

Anubis tattoosEgyptian Tattoos

Anubis is one of the oldest Egyptian gods. Represent death, and also resurrection and eternal life. Anubis is represented by the Egyptians as an Egyptian dog, a jackal or black canid animal. Sometimes it is represented with a human body and a jackal’s head. An Anubis tattoo can represent protection against death and life after it.

Here are some beautiful images of Anubis Egyptian Tattoos. In the photo below, it appears as a winged black canid, with a kind of red halo on its head.Egyptian Tattoos

In the image that follows, Anubis appears dressed in traditional Egyptian ornaments. It is a very colorful tattoo, which at the same time transmits a lot of strength. This is a very frequent design among fans of Egyptian symbology.Egyptian Tattoos

Next, an image of Anubis with a human body and a jackal’s head. Without a doubt, it is a powerful design for a tattoo. The colors are very well achieved in this example.Egyptian Tattoos

Well, now we leave the tattoos of Anubis behind to observe this beautiful Cleopatra tattoo.

Cleopatra was a recognized queen of Egypt, who assumed power with only 18 years. Owner of an admirable education and beauty, Cleopatra is the protagonist in many designs of Egyptian tattoos, like the one you can see in the image that follows.

In this design the unique beauty of Cleopatra is very well represented, her face transmits peace, harmony, and intelligence. Dressed with beautiful Egyptian ornaments, this tattoo can be seen very well on any part of the body, provided there is enough space. In this case, it is on a girl’s leg.Egyptian Tattoos

Pharaohs and sphinxes are also frequent designs on Egyptian tattoos. Look for example the photo that follows. The image of this pharaoh is so well achieved that it seems real. The colors gold and blue are those that predominate in the design, which aesthetically looks sensational. Without a doubt, you will need a professional tattoo artist, with a lot of artistic talent, if you want your tattoo to look like this one.

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Beetle TattooEgyptian Tattoos

The dung beetle was a sacred insect in ancient Egyptian culture. He was admired for his work: pushing large balls of manure rich in nutrients for his eggs, over the hot desert sand. The beetle buried this great ball under the sand and sometime later, the small beetles would emerge from it. It is one of the ancient Egyptian tattoos.

The dung beetle tattoo can represent, then, fertility, prosperity and the fight against adverse conditions, to achieve a goal. There are many beautiful designs of statues with this beetle, to continue to see an example.

In this case, the black beetle has two beautiful blue wings and also carries the ankh symbol on its back. Later we will see what this symbol representsEgyptian Tattoos

In the photo below, another dung beetle, this time only in black, but anyway it looks very nice with its wings spread, do not you think?Egyptian Tattoos

In the photo that follows, there are a lot of Egyptian symbols grouped in two designs, one for each arm of this boy, who seems to be a great fan of this culture and its symbolism. On his right arm appears Anubis with a scepter in the form of Ankh and a dung beetle below, and in the left, a beautiful image of Cleopatra releasing a bird with eyes of Horus and again the dung beetle below.Egyptian Tattoos

Egyptian TattoosIn the image above, Anubis again appears, represented as an elegant black animal.

Maat TattoosEgyptian Tattoos

Maat, daughter of Ra, is the goddess of justice, morals, and balance. It is represented as a female human form with two large stretched wings. This image represents universal harmony, balance, and balance. It can certainly be a nice design for a tattoo.

Shen TattoosEgyptian Tattoos

The Shen is an Egyptian symbol that represents eternity. It is a ring held by ropes, as a symbol of infinity. In some cases, inside the Shen, some hieroglyphs are drawn, as seen in the image that follows.

Egyptian TattoosIn the photo above, a very detailed image of Anubis, with a face that seems enraged. From a chain on its neck hangs the symbol of Ankh and in the design also appears the eye of Horus, elements whose meaning we will explain later in this article.

Next, an image of a pharaoh, the landscape of the pyramids and below Cleopatra. As you can see, whoever gets an Egyptian tattoo then becomes one more and another one, that’s how the symbolism of this ancient culture is captivating.Egyptian Tattoos

Eye Tattoos of HorusEgyptian Tattoos

According to Egyptian mythology, Horus was a hawk god, son of Osiris. Trying to avenge the death of his father in a battle, Horus lost an eye. When finalizing the battle, the Gods decided to return the eye to Horus, but this one did not accept it, and it dedicated it to the memory of its father. Therefore, a tapping of the eye of Horus can be done in honor of a loved one who is no longer on this Earth, or as a symbol of protection or hope.

There are many beautiful designs of the eye of Horus, big and small, so you can perform it on any part of the body. If it is the first tattoo that you will do, it is better than you choose a small design. Here is a good example:Egyptian TattoosEgyptian Tattoos

Ankh TattoosEgyptian Tattoos

The Ankh is the symbol of eternal life. It appears in many hieroglyphics. In some images, the dises hold this symbol in their hands or support it on someone’s lips. The ancient Egyptians believed that in this way the gods could offer the breath of life necessary to continue existence after death. It is ancient Egyptians tattoos.

Beyond its meaning, related to the eternal and the infinite, it is a symbol that looks beautiful in any tattoo. It is also very easy to do, it is like a cross with a bow on top. In the photo that follows you will see the symbol of Ankh in conjunction with other hieroglyphics.

The picture that follows is of a somewhat sinister Egyptian tattoo. It is the skull of a pharaoh, over the eye of Horus. Really impressive.Egyptian Tattoos

Tattoos of the god RaEgyptian Tattoos

Ra is one of the most important Egyptian gods, a figure of great power and strength, giver of life. He was considered responsible for the cycles of life and death, and resurrection. It is represented with the figure of the sun, or like the head of a hawk, also wearing typical Egyptian garments and a sacred scepter.

In the photo below, you have a nice example of Egyptian tattoos of the god Ra.Egyptian Tattoos

In the example below, an impressive red-eyed Anubis and garments in gold and green, holding a sacred scepter and the symbol of Ankh. The pyramid behind him, the eye of Horus also appears.Egyptian Tattoos

Look at the photo below, it is a true work of art. It looks like a painting instead of a tattoo. Who did it have a huge talent, which is not found anywhere? That image of Anubis looking at the moon is sensational.Egyptian Tattoos

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