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What is behind the habit of smoking

Smoking is not exactly a pleasure for the senses. The first time a person is exposed to cigarettes, the usual thing is that they do not live a pleasant experience. Tobacco has a strong and irritating odor. When you inhale there is burning and a feeling of suffocation. Even so, many get hooked to the habit of smoking and then find it almost impossible to quit. Fortunately, Confidant Health can help you with proven rehabilitation and recovery programs even at the comfort of your own home!

The Nicotine is the substance responsible for cigarette addiction. That compound is an alkaloid that generates dependency. After inhalation, it takes about 10 seconds to reach the brain. There it stimulates the production of dopamine, but in the long term, it produces the release of an amount that satisfies less. Therefore, higher doses are needed for nicotine to return to its effects.

“A cigarette defines the smoker, like the poem to the poet “.

-Richard Klein-

Unlike other drugs, nicotine does not produce radical changes in behavior. Likewise, several studies have been able to establish that in the addiction to smoking also influence powerful psychological factors. This habit is considered a “behavioral reinforcement” rather than a strictly physical dependence.

 habit of smoking

The reasons behind the habit of smoking

It is very common for people to start smoking during adolescence. This is not free. Both tobacco and alcohol are two legal psychoactive, easily acquired and relatively cheap. It is a habit usually forbidden by parents and teachers. That is just what attracts many young people.

In a study carried out by Scientific Psychic it was found that these are the main reasons why people start smoking:

  • To challenge the adult world or restrictive environments.
  • To adapt to a social circle.
  • To prove that one is no longer a child.
  • To reaffirm independence.
  • To imitate admired people who smoke.
  • To lose weight.

Ultimately, in the habit of smoking, there is a strong psychosocial component. The usual thing is that the adolescents present themselves before the others smoking and they do not maintain this habit alone. Many of them give up smoking, but also another large group gets hooked on the nicotine networks.

 habit of smoking

Aspirate, inspire and expire

Several unconscious aspects are also involved in the act of smoking. In psychoanalysis, cigarette addiction is spoken of as the expression of an oral symptom. It represents a regression to a child phase of life.

Scholars of the topic like Coderch indicate that it is a habit of people with overprotective mothers who appeased the child by gratifying orally. In other words, they calmed their anxiety by giving them something to eat that was pleasing to them.

Many people say they feel like smoking when they are distressed. According to them, the cigarette reassures them. Some authors from clinics of medication assisted treatment suggest that by breathing in smoke, literally, what they do is swallow their aspirations. In that sense, smoking would be an answer to frustration. Symbolically it helps to inhibit desires.

In this same line, it has been affirmed that smoking what is sought, symbolically, is an inspiration. The lack of ideas, or resources, to solve a situation, leads unconsciously to smoke. It is a habit of smoking act that represents the desire to inspire, without achieving it.

 habit of smoking

What burns and then becomes ashes

For many ancestral cultures, tobacco is a sacred plant. Intuitively they know that it is an element with positive effects on the brain. It has been proven to stimulate memory, increase the speed of thought and stabilize the mood.

The difference of these cultures with ours is that in them no psychoactive substance falls within the consumerist logic. There are times and places for tobacco, as there are for the coca leaf and other similar plants. It is usual that they are part of collective and well-defined rituals. They make use of those plants to become wiser, whereas Westerners become more foolish when they use them.

An old maxim says that “where there is smoke, there is fire”. This can apply to those who have the habit of smoking. They live incorporating and getting rid of smoke, while the tobacco burns and turns to ash.

The habit of smoking carries something that burns within them. His answer is to put it out, in the slender figure of a cigarette and let it burn. One thing is certain: It is proven that when the psychological motivation disappears smoking, the addiction to nicotine is overcome with relative ease. You have to think about that.

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