Hair Care Tips for Thick or Textured Hair

Thick and textured hair can be notoriously high maintenance and difficult to care for. But it is also a beautiful hair type, and with proper care and maintenance, you can have an enviably gorgeous mane. Here are some of the best hair care tips for thick or textured hair:

Avoid Overheating Your Hair

Thick or textured hair is especially prone to dryness and brittleness, both of which can be caused by overstyling and overheating your hair. If you’re the type who likes styling your hair and changing your look often, try to reduce the amount of stress you put on your hair by investing in hair extensions. High quality hair extensions like those by True Glory Hair can be extremely versatile and make it easy for you to quickly change your look without damaging your hair.

If you want to rock straight hair, you can just buy straight hair extensions, or you can buy hair bundles that are closer to your natural hair texture, then style them just as you would actual hair. True Glory Hair offers real virgin Brazilian or Indian hair bundles that are durable and can withstand constant styling. They look, feel, and move just like natural hair and, with proper care and maintenance, can be used for a long time.

If you must style your natural hair, be sure to protect it by applying a heat protectant spray or product before blow drying or ironing. You may want to invest in a higher end tools with multiple settings that prevent overheating or accidental burning.

Don’t Shampoo Too Often

Shampooing your hair keeps your scalp clean and your strands smelling fresh, but doing it too often can actually damage your hair. Shampoo contains surfactants, which can completely strip your scalp and strands of natural oils and essential moisture. An overly dry scalp can become irritated or develop flakes and dandruff.

Avoid these hair problems by shampooing only once every other day or every two days. This should be enough to keep your hair clean without damaging it. If your hair starts to feel greasy between washes, freshen up with a dry shampoo. This can also help give your hair extra volume and body, so it won’t look flat or lifeless.

Use Conditioner

Conditioner helps keep your hair healthy by restoring the moisture lost when you shampoo. Think of it as giving your hair a drink of water, then sealing that restored moisture in by coating your hair strands with a very fine protective layer. Using conditioner regularly can help your hair grow stronger and longer as it is protected from damage and becomes less brittle.

Apply conditioner after shampooing, making sure to gently squeeze any excess water out before applying. Too much water in your hair can dilute your conditioner, making it less effective. Gently work conditioner through your hair by applying it with long, smooth strokes, taking care not to skip the very tips of your hair. This helps prevent split ends, which in turn promotes healthy hair growth.

Avoid getting conditioner on your scalp, as this can cause product build up and weigh your hair down. Leave the conditioner in for about two minutes before rinsing thoroughly. This should be enough time for it to properly penetrate your hair and have its full effect.

When it comes to caring for thick or textured hair, gentleness and patience are key. Treating your hair too aggressively can result in damage and frizz, but a lighter, gentler touch and proper grooming care will result in beautiful, strong and shiny hair you would be proud to flaunt.

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