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The 10 most spectacular hotel bar in Mexico

Hotel bars- There’s nothing like drinking a cocktail or glass of wine to get into the environment and have a fun night. These hotels have bars with stunning views, good music and the best drinks. Discover what makes them so special and check that the best stories always start at the hotel bar.

Top 10 most spectacular hotel bar in Mexico

Skybar Inhabits MTY

hotel bar in Mexico

Hotel Habita, Monterrey

If you go to the northern sultana you can not miss the Habita MTY hotel. A large sample of modern architecture that on its top floor has an excellent bar, right next to its  panoramic pool.

The hotel Habita bar is established as the fashionable place in Monterrey and every night it is filled with people with good vibes and encouragement to have fun.  The special events and DJ’s performances that they organize regularly.

What to drink? We suggest you try their mojitos that are almost addictive. If you like the classics, a good whiskey on the rocks never fails.

The Living Room Bar

the hotel bar in Mexico

Hotel W, Mexico City

This hotel bar is the perfect place if you want to forget the stress and leave the routine with good drinks . And music that makes you dance until the next day.

The Living Room Bar is decorated with the theme of a masked party.  Which gives it a sensual and fun atmosphere. The bar at the W Mexico City hotel bar has a booth that receives DJs every week who put their personal touch on the turntable.

What to drink? The Sugar Cotton; a vodka martini and red berries served with a cotton candy cloud over the glass.

Blue Star Bar

spectacular hotel bar

Hotel Las Alamandas, Costalegre

Estrella Azul is the rooftop bar of the Las Alamandas hotel, a spectacular natural refuge with four private beaches that is between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo.

The hotel bar has a romantic atmosphere, with an  illuminated bar where cocktails parade through the night. The best thing is that they lend you telescopes to see the stars. Because being in the middle of a natural reserve there are almost no lights that overshadow them.

What to drink?  Try the margaritas with the seasonal fruits that are harvested in the organic vegetable gardens of the hotel.

Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar

the hotel bar

Hotel Rosewood, San Miguel de Allende

Nobody takes the throne to this bar for having the best view of San Miguel de Allende, with its roofs of colors. And the imposing pink cathedral that stands out in the landscape. We recommend arriving at Bar Luna early, to see the sunset while tasting their original cocktails. And tapas that fuse flavors of Spanish and Mexican cuisine.

When the climate of San Miguel gets cold; The Rosewood hotel bar is prepared with heaters, blankets and lots of red wine to warm you up. As you can imagine, this rooftop is the most coveted place to see the fireworks in the National Holidays and the New Year.

The Champagne Terrace

top hotel bar

The Resort at Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas

The Resort at Pedregal is one of the most elegant beach hotels in Mexico and has a bar dedicated exclusively to champagne. The drink of the kings. This picturesque bar facing the sea is the anteroom of El Farallon restaurant. And offers the experience of tasting more than 15 different types of champagne accompanied by artisanal cheeses and exotic salts from around the world.

The best time to visit is at night. When the sky is covered with stars and the lanterns that the hotel places between the rocks of the cliff begin to shine.

What to drink? Give yourself the luxury of ordering a glass of Ruinart, the champagne that has been produced since 1729 and tops the lists as the best in the world.

Tequila Room

best hotel bar

Hotel Capella, Ixtapa

This bar is distributed on three levels of terraces.  Which descend naturally on the large cliff on which the exclusive Capella hotel is located. In the highest part is the Tequila Room; a sanctuary that holds more than 65 different brands of pure agave tequila. As well as paintings and books on the origin of this drink.

If you want to impress your friends after the holidays. Take a cocktail class with Miguel, the mixologist of the hotel who will share the recipes of the house to prepare drinks. Such as margarita de jamaica, pisco avocado and mayahuel martini.

King Cole Bar

most spectacular hotel bar

Hotel St. Regis, Mexico City

This hotel bar at the St. Regis  transports the New York of the 30’s, with live jazz performances, a cigar lounge and an exquisite drinks menu. The King Cole Bar has two large spaces, on entering is an elegant room that has a famous  surrealist painting behind the bar; and then there is the terrace from which there are stunning views towards the Paseo de la Reforma.

This is a place full of history, because the Bloody Mary was invented in the same bar of the St. Regis hotel in New York .

Blue Agave Bar

discover hotel bar

Hotel Rosewood Mayakoba, Playa del Carmen

The Rosewood Mayakoba hotel has an original and fun proposal: a bar dedicated to tequila and sushi, which is on a terrace that seems to fly over the hotel’s lagoon. Here they have more than 100 labels of the finest tequilas in Mexico and an extensive menu of sushi and Japanese sandwiches that will make your mouth water.

At night the atmosphere at the Agave Azul bar is magical, as you can see the illuminated pool and the boats that sail in the lagoon to take guests to their rooms.

What to drink? Participate in a tasting and get carried away by the recommendations of the tequila master. Discover the differences between tequila varieties, including aromas of coffee, cinnamon and dried chili; ingredients that are used to accentuate the flavors of the drink.

Rooftop Bar at The Cape

most spectacular hotel bar in Mexico

The Cape at Thompson Hotel, Cabo San Lucas

If you like the impact views you have to know the roof of the hotel The Cape; that on the one hand it has a view to the sea and on the other to the panoramic of the town of Cabo San Lucas.

The rooftop hotel bar the Cape has a sophisticated and modern style, with a central kiosk in which is the bar behind which the mixologist Osvaldo Vázquez prepares his legendary cocktails. The terrace is surrounded by exotic plants and takes a very special atmosphere at night, when everything is illuminated and the music of the guest DJ begins to sound.

Terrace Condesa DF

the most spectacular hotel bar

Hotel Condesa DF, Mexico City

The terrace of the Condesa DF hotel has one of the best views of Mexico City ; on the one hand towards the Spain Park and on the other to the Castillo de Chapultepec.

A boutique hotel with so much personality could not disappoint with its bar, space where travelers and locals meet to relax and try the new mixes of the bar. Weekends invite different DJ’s that put a great atmosphere at night. The party lasts so long, that on Sundays they serve healthy drinks and antidotes against the raw from 2 pm.

What to drink? You have to try the sake cocktails, which are perfect to accompany the sushi dishes that are also served at the hotel bar.

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