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7 tricks to keep your house cool without air conditioning

The hot season has arrived, and it arrives with a lot of intensity, and we understand that keeping your house cool can really be a problem, that is why today we present  7 tricks to keep your house cool without air conditioning that you must apply in all your rooms. Take note.

Best tricks to keep your house cool

1. Keep the curtains closedhouse cool

As much as it sounds, closing the curtains is the most efficient thing you can do to keep your home and your rooms cool. If you wish, I recommend that you close by the sun at 12 o’clock in the day.

2. And some doors

If you want hot air to not enter your room, close the doors during the day. Your room will feel a little cooler. Now, I recommend that at night you open them so that fresh air circulates throughout your house.

3. Turn and change your sheetshouse cool

Changing your sheets not only refreshes a room, but it is also an excellent way to keep cool at night. Cotton is perfect for the season since it breathes easier and stays cooler.

4. Focus on the temperature of your body, not your home’s temperature

If your ancestors survived without air conditioning, you can too. Take delicious frozen drinks until you manage to cool from the inside out.

5. Cool your bedhouse cool

It may sound strange to you, but a way to cool your room starts by cooling your bed, so you can sleep better. Just freeze a bottle of water and put it under your sheets on the side of your feet without you touching it. This will keep your sheets fresh before sleep. Something that also works is to put the sheets in the refrigerator before putting them down (even in extreme cases).

6. Sleep in a low bedhouse cool

The heat tends to rise, so I recommend you to lower the level if you can. Lower the mattress and you will feel fresher.

7. If you can, open the window at nighthouse cool

If it is safe, open the window a little at night and let the air circulate. The night air is cooler than the day air, so you’ll keep your house cooler if you do not have air conditioning.

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